Valentines Day @ Stilettos In The Mud
Valentines Day is wonderful... celebrating love in all it's forms... who can disagree with that? Hearts, candles, flowers, and all things lovely abound. While I would love to go ALL OUT, I have a job and a family to consider, but I can never resist a few love day vignettes. Hugs and Kisses!
May you have More than "A Little Love In Your Heart!" May it be overflowing!

Vine hearts, made from grapevine, attached to crocheted chains and strung across a display shelf. 
So simple, yet really lovely! I look at this and smile! It makes my home feel happy!
Love these burlap roses I found. I added them to a vase we made from an old bottle! Little tin heart shaped cookies cutters are a fun, yet inexpensive way to decorate for Love Day!
So... funny story. My cat got curious about the flowers and crawled inside the heart and got stuck! All was well, as we got her out but I now know where the term "curiosity killed the cat" comes from!
Hand stitched hearts from Mattress Ticking, filled with cinnamon and cedar. They smell wonderful and make lovely gifts for family and friends!
A little lavender always graces my home. It reminds me of my mother, and was actually grown by her! (You can see all the wonderful lavender products she makes at Paula's Garden.)
These adorable "chocolate candy" candles were found at my local dollar type store! They are just perfect and I paid $3 for the set of them! 
Here in Wyoming, there is still a massive amount of snow on the ground. Spring, for us, is a long way off, however I love reminding myself, with little snow birds around the house, spring will indeed come to our beautiful mountains. 
My beautiful and talented friend, Kimberly, over at Serendipity Refined, made me these beautiful heart ornaments. I could not resist carrying them into February! She has some amazing February blogs up... please head on over and check out her lovely page!
Hold each other tight this Valentines Day!
Grab your sweetheart and dance around the kitchen... keep the romance alive baby!  xo Kimber and Family
I have seen wings all over the internet and Pinterest and have been just itching to make them! This is my easy interpretation of them, using what I had on hand along with little tin hearts I ordered online. 
By Morning Light...
If you  have any questions, please leave them in the comment section!
How it was made:
Cut each strip with shears to add a little texture to the muslin
Is there a Holiday which isn't my favorite... I don't think so! To kick of the start of the season of love I am making little goodies for my home! 

I'll be posting each little item I create for you here on the Valentines Day Page and have decided for those who wish to have them in their home (and just do not have the time to be crafty) , items can be purchased at my online Etsy Shop: Cowgirls Chic Boutique! Message me that you found this here and I'll give you 15% off the hearts! Of course I'll be sharing, with you, my favorite love songs, poems, and inspirational quotes along with my crafts, recipes, and love day ideas! XO!

Our Love Nest @ Stilettos In The Mud
Displayed on nests and an old spring with Pip Berries left over from Christmas decorating!
Hand Embroidered Hearts... love our Nest! You can Purchase these hearts HERE! I just traced out hearts in cotton and burlap, stitched the burlap backs and cotton fronts together with embroidery thread and stuffed them with cotton batting. I then hand stitched the words onto them! These little cuties can be displayed anywhere... hung from windows or chairs. I plan on gifting some of my friends with them!
Stilettos In The Mud Love Day Hearts
Our Nest Pillows @ Stilettos In The Mud
A rusty old spring makes a great display!