After all the devastation seen on the east coast with Sandy, I decided it would be a good idea to start sharing ideas and information I have gathered on being prepared. I hope this will be a very interactive section. Please please leave your ideas and info in the comments section!! Check back often, as Ill be posting a lot! 

My primary concern lately, living at 6000 ft. has been "What would I do for heat in an emergency?" (Better known as how not to freeze to death)  In the past, we had a wood stove, and my dream has always been to own a cook stove. However, at this time we are in a rental, so it isn't like we can punch a hole in the wall. I've come up with a few ideas, and will keep adding more as I find them... again ... if you have an idea... please leave it in the comment section. 

Wool Blankets hung over your windows and any place it gets drafty.
Create a WARM ROOM! Wall off one of your small rooms with thick, heavy blankets. It is easier to keep one small space warm! We have been purchasing wool survival blankets... a few at a time... online. They are just good to have around! The Cowboy informed me that because we have a basement... we wouldn't freeze, but his idea of freezing and mine are on different planes of existence! 
Hand and feet warmers! Simple...yet effective. We buy these by the case at Costco or Sam's Club. They last up to 8 hours! 
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 A wood stove would be best... as you can heat with it and cook on it, however if you rent or don't have decent access to wood, this is a good alternative! I've searched high and low for affordable and portable propane heaters. So far, I have read good reviews on the Mr. Heater! I love that it has a low O2 shut off... so you won't accidently poison your family! It is good to have propane bottles on hand as well!! 
A camp cookstove can be for more that cooking! Heat up water and and fill water bottles to place under your covers or in a sleeping bag... being careful not to overheat the water or burn yourself! Better yet, stock up on those water bottles like grandma used to have!
 Camp out... indoors. A tent inside your warm room will create a warm cozy space! Don't have a tent? Can't afford one? Make a blanket fort... like when you were a kid!  It would also "feel fun" for kids who might be frightened by the circumstances  Invest in a good sleeping bag for each member of the family. They make some really awesome light weight yet super warm ones! Do not forget those light weight and inexpensive space blankets!!! Also, Don't under estimate the power of shared body heat... everyone piling in the same area under blankets together will keep everyone warm!
Wear layers and even winter gear... just don't get too warm! If you start to sweat... take off a layer at a time.. wearing a hat is most important since you lose most of your heat out of your head. We really like the thin Under Armour type of clothing! They work really well. We have even found some great gear second hand... so don't write it off if you can't afford it new!
Stock up on candles (Keeping safety in mind and making sure you have hurricane covers!!) It is amazing how even a candle can provide enough heat to take the edge off. (Shameless plug) The candles I sell can last about 50-60 hours. So, buy some or make your own! Even better... pick up one of Candle Lanterns out there! These are only 19.16 on Amazon!
Make sure you eat... more on being prepared food wise in another blog. Eating right before you sleep will make your body warmer as it digests!

If there are tips you know of about staying warm in the case of an emergency situation, please leave it for us in the comment section! 


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