After a lot of reading, and researching about different ways to improve health, The Cowboy decided we would make a big change and start juicing. The accident he was in, last July, has left him with a variety of health issues (chronic pain, high blood pressure, headaches,weight gain, etc!), and we are most hopeful the juicing will improve things. He is beyond ready to return to work but until his headaches are under control, it just isn't a possibility. We have one good day out of five. We have been wanting to begin vlogging and we knew that in order to film juicing, we would have to be ready for a "good day." Today was that day (well ...while it lasted). 
Filming in our household was quite the endeavor. This is a real life video, with a little editing thrown in for the sake of time! I am not a professional, and we are just using the equipment on hand! Leave your questions and comments for us :) Happy Juicing! (PS the link for the Video Blog is at the end of this post! Please subscribe to our You Tube!
It is really important to start with wholesome organic ingredients and the proper tools! We have tried several juicers, and after much research on the subject, we settled on purchasing the Omega 8600 and could not be happier with it! 
Juicers leave behind a lot of pulp and a really good juicer will leave behind dry pulp as shown here. AND as mentioned in our YOU Tube Video the Apron was made by Fried Green Aprons! They are VERY well made and this is a real favorite in our house. I am wishing now I had gotten one a with a little more masculine of a print because he honestly wears it more than I do! 
We attempt to use everything we can in our household, leaving behind very little waste. We peeled the oranges and added them to a jar. Then we filled it with vinegar. After a couple of weeks, we will have a wonderful organic cleaner. 
Unfortunately just that little bit of time up and juicing was enough to spur another headache. It has been so frustrating for him to only be able to do very little everyday and we are still trying to balance that. He is still trying to figure out how much is too much activity.  This is why we are making a lot of life style changes. Our entire family has to be at it's best to support our cowboy through this time. There are a lot of frustrating days, but we live for moments when his head is not pounding and we are all spending time together. 
I must apologize in advance. This was my first attempt at editing. The first few minutes of editing is a little jumpy, however I got the hang of it as I went along! I am confident future videos will be easier. 

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