A while back I did a comparison of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and DIY homemade chalk paint. You can find my thoughts HERE. I have been seeing so many posts about another chalk paint brand, Ce Ce Caldwell,  I decided to purchase a quart and give it a whirl. I ordered my Vintage White paint from Shabby Daze and I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it arrived! I would recommend working with their company as it was a lovely experience and easy experience from start to finish. 
The project is made in the United States, which I love (AS is apparently made here too, though the owner is from England). The company also sent me a sample of another paint color and I have to say it is a lovely color and I'll be ordering some soon. I loved the color as it was true to it's description. It did not turn overly yellow when the wax was applied. It had a similar finish to AS Chalk Paint, but I felt it was easier to apply, as it was just a tad thinner than the AS paint.  It did not dry as quickly as AS which was a bonus as it gave me a little more time to work with the piece. 

It took fewer coats than the As paint to get full coverage and had no toxic or chemical smell! I love the people and earth friendliness of these chalk paints! The biggest difference was it seemed to adhere to my project more firmly than AS which meant using a little more elbow grease when it came time to distress the piece. I did not mind this. I can say this product is high quality and I will be making purchases in the future. It is pleasant to have so many color options between AS and Ce Ce Chalk Paints. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the ease of use and quality of either product. I'll still be making my own DIY chalk paint, but still planning on ordering both brands when it suits my fancy! Happy Painting Ya'll!!!

Please remember I was not paid to try these products nor asked to by the respective companies. I bought the items myself, and these are solely my opinions. I respect both companies and applaud them on quality products. 
I value cottage industries. I love the idea of shopping local and supporting small businesses particularly ones that are right out of someone's home. 

A few months back I bought some lovely potholders from a local business which also has an etsy shop! This are lovely and functional I have several sets. They are well made items which are a must for any kitchen, and would make lovely gifts for Christmas! Toni is wonderful to work with and did a great job at finding pig fabric ( I have this thing for piggies)! My only wish in regards to the holders was a hook for them to hang on and she is more than willing to add those for a wee bit extra!

If you don't have any of these lovelies in your kitchen you are missing out!

You can find her kitchen items at: 
Kitchen Goodies

You can find many of her other lovely creations at 
Cool Tricks


The company I reviewed these for has asked me to REMOVE the hyper link to their product from the website which I have honored. I will leave the review up but you will have no way to link to the product :)
Kimber 5/2012
Promoting healthy ears and a good cause; what could be more perfect for this safety and health conscious mom to get her feet wet on for her first product review? Madrid Glove and Safety has teamed up with the National Breast Cancer Foundation  with these pink disposable beauties! Nothing sets better with me than to purchase a product that is commited to donating a portion of its proceeds to this worthy cause. Chances are each and every one of us knows someone who has been touched by this devastating disease!

As with everything I do, I took this on with a lot of fervor and laughter. These little pinks are hypo allergenic, and I had no adverse reactions, which is a blessing, as I seem to have developed an allergy to everything these days! Another bonus was they fit into my tiny ears, now don't tease, as I have very small ears and I cannot even use normal size ear phones to listen to music.  Doesn't mean they won't fit into larger ears either. Had the cowboy try out these little pink wonders and they worked. He was more than happy to show his support for ear safety and to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. As he put it "Im all for doing my part to save the Tata's of the world" As I have said before, the Lord has an amazing sense of humor when he put the two of us together! These were very comfortable, and as my children can attest, I forgot they were in...almost jumped through the roof when my daughter had to tap my shoulder to get my attention.

I tried these little babies out in all sorts of places. You'd think, she has it made living in the quiet country side of Montana! You haven't heard noise until you have heard 3 roosters crowing right out side your window...why we need so many of those around is beyond me, but it is the unwanted alarm I face EVERY morning! Not a sound was heard and I over slept more than once until I figured out my phone on vibrate would wake me up if I left it under the pillow! While a Noise Reduction Rating of 32 means a lot to those who work with machinery and other noise makers, I didn't get the gist of it until I figured out they will block out all sounds of my husbands snoring. I did not have to wake up and pinch his nose closed even once! Passed a pair on to my pregnant friend who apparently started suffering from pregnancy induced sawing of logs (or should I say her husband suffers). He is now able to wake wide eyed and bushy tailed and they are both better rested as he is no longer having to get her to roll over! Madrid's Pink Foam Earplugs can even tune out that awful stuff my son swears up and down is music. You can bet these will become my best friend until the kids move out! Even better...I took a shower without hearing the verbal interuption of "MOOOOMMMMM, he took my...whatever!"

I'm all about things being cute, funtional...and well cute. They do fit the bill! The pink stands out well...so they are easily visable! I have the added bonus of knowing come hunting season my boys won't take off with my pink earplugs, but rest assured the company does supply other colors for those not quite ready to cowboy up and go for the pink!

All in all these were a great product, and I had fun reviewing them! Did I mention they were Pink?!!!

Disclaimer:I received the sample of Magid Pink Disposable Foam Earplugs for the purpose of this review only. I was awarded no other compensation. All opinions are just that...my opinions.

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