This upcoming week will be another busy one for us. If you are inclined to pray or send good thoughts, these are the areas of focus.

4 doctors appointments  and surgery, as well as taking a drive to the company to see if we can understand a little clearer having to navigate this. All of the appointments, surgery, and need to get some things sorted out at Seth's work place will require a lot of driving! Safe travel needed.

Seth's surgery is Friday morning at nine. 

Kids will be headed to Wyoming this week. Pray for their safety please. :) We cannot wait to see them!
This weekend has been tough. Exhaustion has set in, which has caused Kimber to come down with a nasty cold, which she then passed on to their daughter.Seth is healing well but has a long road ahead. Heavy on their minds is the upcoming eye appointment on Friday. They are hoping for good news; that Seth will not have to have eye surgery!  They received good news they will have a new rental the first of the month, so please pray for proper financing to come in as well as help with the logistical side. Thank you for all the prayers and kind thoughts everyone has sent their way! 

    Thank you for your kindness.


    July 2012



    We have had several requests on placing a donate button to help out the family during this trying time, so after much thought and consideration a paypal button has been added. The funds will be used to cover expenses not met by insurance or workmans comp, which have already started piling up. :) Please know whether someone gives $5, $50, or just prayers and good thoughts... each every one is a gift to us, so please do not feel pressured.