The best lavender in the world! :)
This giveaway is to celebrate reaching 2000 likes on my FB fan page! Stilettos was at under 100 likes in January, so the growth has been fantastic. I have met some beautiful people and wish I could send each and every one of you a little gift... but alas I cannot!  So, Here is how it works. I'm not going to make you have your buddies join my Facebook or Tweet me ( you can if you want to!) ... or stand on your head and squawk like a chicken! I will ask that you have liked my Facebook page, however, since this is to celebrate that! I will leave this open for 3 (three) days . If you wish to enter the giveaway and enjoy a lovely bouquet of lavender leave a comment of your favorite things/topics I cover, right here (not on FB or Twitter please)! Make sure your email link (which is hidden from all but me) is correct and I will contact you for your shipping info. It is as easy as that! :) In the event the winner cannot be reached, a new number will be drawn until we have a destination for that lovely bunch of lavender! 

I will assign each of you a number in order... place those in a hat... and the cowboy will draw it. VIOLA .... we will have a winner! :)
Paula Jean's Garden will ship the lovely lavender pictured above... straight to you! 

Contest is over Wednesday morning (July 25, 2012) 11:00 am MST. Thank you to each and everyone of you for following the blogs and making it a joy to do! xoxo

1. Make sure you are a facebook fan
2. Leave a comment here on your favorite topics I cover
3. Make sure your contact email link is correct
4. (optional) Share with your buddies!