With a new job, family and everything going on around our place, I just did not have the time to fully decorate for Easter... however I have a few spring additions I have added to my home... and just wanted to share them with you! 
With the unbelievable prices on those vintage tins or the adorable vintage chicken and rooster salt and pepper shakers... they had to come home with me! I spent under $20 for all of them! I cannot resist a bargain!!
How lucky to live on a farm where I can get away with keeping items up that would normally be for Easter! No one would blink twice in my house to see this the bunny and carrots through out the spring and summer months!
Picture from Stilettos In The Mud
Outside my back door today!!
Springtime in Wyoming is DRASTICALLY different than anything I grew up with in the Southland. Spring always spoke  of green grass, dogwood blossoms, bunnies, Sunday's Best Dress, the chirping of birds, and families getting together around a well placed table. 

Wyoming boasts a spring with very little promise so far. Snow still covers the mountains and the air is crisp and cold; many nights still dropping down into the single digits. I haven't seen hide nor hair of the birdies singing spring into being. 

Though Spring decorating was planned well in advance, my best efforts were foiled by a company who has an EXTRAORDINARILY long shipping time. It has been over a month and the ordered Cotton Wreath has FINALLY  graced my mail box. I love all the lovely lovely things which The Antique Farmhouse offers, and the quality is wonderful!  I just wish their shipping time was faster! I think it was worth the wait though! 
My FAVORITE has to be this sign I had made down at a local store called Pepper Willow. She is just a lovely lovely lady, and created exactly what I was needing! My children loved watching Bambi when they were small, and life on the farm created many moments when I laughed it off and told the children the animals were just "twitterpated." This satisfied their curiosity for many... many... many years!
This AMAZING "B" was purchased from Jennifer over at "The Enchanted Alphabet" She took to heart all the things I wished to incorporate and it fits my family perfectly. 
There were lots of giggles when I placed the "B" and Twitterpated together!
 They make the perfect pair!
Stilettos In The Mud Owl Pillow
I am bored... I hate to even admit that. Not with my life but with my living room. I will be spending the next few weekends changing everything from curtains to updating some furniture. I just hate waiting... don't you? I decided I needed something done right now!

BEFORE... Can you say boring???
SOOOO much better... and it gives me something to look forward to when everything is ALL DONE!
Making your own throw pillows is an easy and inexpensive way to change things in a room up in just a short amount of time! No need to buy pillow forms or even the spendy fill at the local fabric store! I just head to Target or a similar store and buy their cheapest bedroom pillows! Want to know the secret to making your pillows full and fluffy? Pull apart and fluff the fill before inserting it into your pillow. I always over stuff as over time it becomes more compact. The graphics for my owl pillows came from Graphics Fairy! She makes it easy to be creative!!

... and later in the day

Guess my son thought the new pillows looked pretty comfy and he settled in for a nap!
Once upon a time there was this sorely neglected ironing board. It's owner hated to iron, and often used the excuse that the ugly duckling of an ironing board made the task of ironing distasteful. This beautiful (ha ha) maiden (double ha ha) could not be swayed to over look the flaws in order to save her family from the horror of WRINKLES (eery voice over).

Sorely lacking in nice crisp shirts to wear, her Cowboy suggested they make a new ironing board cover, putting her vast amounts of creative talent to practical use. (She knew she married him for a reason... and yes he does know how to iron). 
Her Cowboy was also one of those people who just might be on a hoarding show if he didn't have such a lovely wife who de-cluttered and discreetly threw things out when they were no longer of use. After many battles, however, she gave up on trying to toss an old sheet he was sure could be put to use someday ... due to it's high thread count. It was during these "lively" discussions about this particular sheet when she wished she had NEVER taught him about thread count. It seemed such a good idea at the time... standing there in the store... convincing her frugal (tight wad) husband to purchase the more expensive sheets. Here her handsome Cowboy stood, sheet in hand, grin on his face, and triumph in his eyes! "This would be Puuuuurfect. (he didnt purr... it just makes a good story!)
This couple set about doing this task together... the cowboy offered a few suggestions which were actually good ideas! They pulled the  old ratty cover off and removed the string which held it in place on the board. Laid out their sheet fabric, pinned the cover to it, cut 2 inches all the way around using the old cover as a guide. After ironing, the CG then folded, ironed and pinned the fabric to create a hem in which to run the elastic through, making sure to fold and pleat where needed. (Again, you can find You Tube Tutorials on how to make an ironing board cover... just google it!) CG sewed the hem, ran the elastic and tied it off!
Having FINALLY learned how to transfer images on to fabric, our CG had some lovely printables she found at Graphics Fairy printed off at the local print shop. She made sure they used Toner based copying, so the images would be less like to run! You can Google and look on pinterest for how to transfer toner based print to fabric! There are a TON of tutorials ... even on You Tube! 
Transferring Tips:
1. Make sure you have a hard surface under the fabric being printed on. 
2. TAPE TAPE TAPE the fabric down with painters tape! Otherwise it slips!
3. Less is more.. be light with the solvent used as too much will cause the image to bleed!
4. It takes a lot more pressure and rubbing than I had first thought to get image to transfer!
5. Start with small projects... it took me about fifteen tries to get the hang of this!
6. Use solvent in a well ventilated area!! 
...and they lived happily ever after, even though CG feels a little gipped since all the fairy tales do not end with the lovely maiden (another ha ha) still ironing clothes ;) She is thinking maybe the ironing board is just too pretty to use now that it has been transformed from ugly duckling to swan!
You can see her cast in this picture.
Lil' Bit has been a little cowgirl... since the moment she caught sight of a horse. There was no keeping her off of one... even when she broke her arm... she badgered the doctor until he gave her permission to ride "CAREFULLY!" 

Our Montana home was on a large farm, but the house was small and having to share with two VERY different sisters meant there was not a lot of room for individual personalities to dominate the room. This move, however, has made it possible for her to design and create her own space. I am pleased with her choices and how lovely the room has turned out. We haven't found the perfect window treatments yet... so those will be added when the right material comes along. 

Our blank slate upon moving in gave us a basic color we had to work with... and around. It is not a large room, and a dark wall can seem overwhelming. We chose to keep things very simple, basic, and light in here!
Our local five and dime has really reasonably priced frames... and you can print of pics for really cheap at Costco or with your own printer! I then edited them with Pic Monkey ... I have photo shop as well ... but honestly... don't spend the money... Pic Monkey works great for home projects!
I knew I wanted art work and pictures which reflected her... I looked high and low at paintings etc. In the end... the best source of inspiration was from my beautiful cowgirl herself!
I despise working around things such as thermostats! Can't they make them pretty??? I got these at a Five and Dime too! I love finding pretty things ... for not much $ ... don't you? My friend over at Serendipity Refined calls it "Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget"!
Even coat hooks can be cute and add to a room... I love those little butterflies! 
The dresser I have had for years... picked it up for free. I painted it with homemade chalk paint in an off white, waxed with AS wax and then distressed it LIGHTLY! The chair is another 2nd hand find. They were a light straw color... so I stained them! I love the texture it adds in a room! 
My Lill' Bit LOVES collecting items... I hate to dust... who doesn't? So, we limit the clutter to one or two shelves! I always find keeping things simple in my kids rooms makes it easier for them to keep it tidy as well! 

That little banner was a cinch to make! I cut out triangles from muslin, printed off the letters, laid the muslin over the print and traced with a pencil. I then filled it in with a brown permanent marker.I then sewed the flags together and finally stitched them to the Jute twine with my machine!

The window and shelf were another project I loved doing. For safety reasons, I wanted that window secure. I could not figure out how to attach a picture hanger without breaking the glass. It was easier to secure the ribbon to the window with heavy duty staples and then attach them to an old curtain rod that was laying around!
Her bed is perhaps one of the favored things in my home! Again, it was a free item someone cast off! A little chalk paint, wax and distressing and it fits in beautifully! I ordered the comforter set from Overstock($88) and chose it in a full size so I wouldn't have to outfit the bed with a dust ruffle! 

The little peacock Pier One Chair is perhaps the most expensive item in the room, and yet I got it for $80 second hand. My home is not a designer home, yet it is cozy, lovely and welcoming. Her entire room cost under $300.. including all the bedding, chairs, rug,  pictures and collections!

Use what you have in a new way... paint does wonders to old furniture! Be creative and most of all make your home a space everyone loves coming home too!
After weeks and weeks of work... we are even closer to our goal of being finished in Em's Room. She is my little bookworm (hmm wonder where she gets that from?) 

One of her favorite series is the Harry Potter series. She REALLY wanted (please mom ... please please please) a Hufflepuff inspired room. If you have never read the books, watched the movies or paid much attention (cough cough ..me) then this would leave you as confused as I was!

I looked around and researched and discovered Hufflepuff is a house (kind of like a dormitory) @ Hogwarts... and their colors are yellow and black.. say what??? Not colors I am used to working with! I desired to make her room hers while keeping myself sane and our rooms peaceful!
I found this room over @ Classy Clutter... and while our room will be entirely different...  she did inspire me with the use of colors!! 
The beds have been painted and made to look old old old! Everything in the "HP World" is antique and hodgepodge!
Pillows have been sewn, Curtains ordered and ready to be hung, and the rest of the furniture painted
Lighting has been chosen.. and we went with electrical lamps instead of candles... gotta still be the safety queen... wouldn't want to lose my reputation ;) You cannot forget the coat of arms to show your House spirit!
No room at Hogwarts would be complete without owls or howlers! I'm giving you a peek of the owls now and the homemade howlers will be featured in the Room Reveal!
I am so inspired by all the creativity there is to be found out there in internet land. There are some wonderfully talented blogsters out there who share their time and talents with everyone and I just wanted to feature a few of my favorites here with their Falls Projects! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!  Click on the pics for the link to each project.

Serendipity Refined's Harvest Cart

What a wonderful and beautiful how to! 

{aka} Design's Cheerful Fall Porch

I'm a sucker for burlap and chalk boards!

A Pretty Life In The Suburb's Fall Table

Anything with blackbirds catches my eye!

Bunches and Bit's Gorgeous Fall Table Decor!

I love everything about this...  from the box, to the linen  
and the candles! 

Saved By Love Creation's Front Porch Reveal

Fall doesn't just have to be about Oranges and Reds. Look how creative she was with color!

Radio Butler's Gorgeous Porch

What a lovely spot in which to welcome 
people into your home! 

Mod Vintage Life's Gorgeous Outdoor Space

Just Beautiful! Love the colors!
I am having a blast decorating for fall. There are so many ideas online and I honestly didn't know where to start. I love using natural items, and honestly like to save any extra cash I have for Christmas decorating! So, I used things I had on hand along with a few small items from the local market. Please feel free to check out A Bit OF FALL post HERE

My family is what I am most thankful for in my life. I have always kept pictures of my children on this shelf and I just refuse to remove them for Holidays. <3 <3 <3

I strive to create a welcoming space
 for friends and family

Chicken Wire Pumpkins .... up close

I love empty photo frames. They add depth without being too busy!

Fall is Natures last big hurrah before winter!

Paper Roses, Ribbon, and Glitter liven up a frame.

Give Thanks In All Things

I love fall...the crisp cool nights; the smells of hot cider on Sunday mornings; dragging my family to collect items to decorate with; warm cozy sweaters ; candle lit evenings ; the smell of the wood stoves filling the valley. I am not one to buy a lot of extras I have to store and drag in and out. I have a few favorites, but mostly I use what I have on hand or what I can collect. I love all the gourds, colorful corns, and pumpkins and every year cannot wait until the local markets or farms have them available. 

Though the little lantern is more for Halloween... I love it and always bring it out as soon as fall is in the air
After enjoying this lovely arrangement for a few days, I will save it by drying the flowers... so it can last well into the fall. 
I love being able to bring fall in yet having it blend with the decorations I already have in my home. This is my coffee table arrangement. I just love white pumpkins
Over the next few days I'll add more pictures as I add decorations. I just couldn't wait to share with you what I have already been working on. I hope it inspires you to use what you have on hand, things you find in nature, and most of all create a fall space you love!
Moving can be tricky and sometimes fatal for furniture. We've moved twice this summer... once long distance and the second time just to the next town over. Most of my furniture fared very well and was intact. Unfortunately on both moves, the cabinet I use for my china and a few lovelies was severely damaged and really seemed to be beyond repair. As you can see from the first before picture it was originally a lovely yellow and had glass. Before the move, I painted it a more neutral white color and distressed it.

They say necessity is the mother of invention.This has not been more true than in the last few months. With Seth out of work, and having to shave our budget to meet the slimmer pocket book, household items are not at the top of the list, and large furniture most certainly is not a necessity.

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I love having a beautiful home, and I used to spend hours combing over beautiful pictures, waiting for the day I could "decorate like that." In this financial climate I think there are many of us in this boat and I think that is also why junking has been becoming more popular.
So, you can't afford something new? Paint is cheap... particularly if you get it in the cast off section! Look around your home... where can you use what you have to make something beautiful?
The cowboy and I took a trip to the hardware store and looked at different materials. To replace the glass shelf that broke was $20 because we had to buy a whole sheet of glass but we now have glass for other projects. The most economical materials I could find and fit what I had in mind was chicken wire. It was 12.95 for the roll and we only used about a 1/3 of it... again more for other projects. I purchased a quart of flat grey paint and made it into chalk paint, and already had Annie Sloan wax on hand. I was lucky as I had 2 $5 dollar off coupons for our local hardware store, so in the end very little cash passed hands.
If you can picture us in your mind, the cowboy with two bum hands and me with only one hand which is functional due to an injury six years ago trying to roll out chicken wire and cut it to the proper length. We didn't know if we should laugh or cry... so we laughed! Once the correct size was measured out, we cut it and fit it into place with very small fencing nails. I had no idea chicken wire was so tricky and if not cut correctly will unravel on the edge. Luckily that handsome man of mine new just how to cut it. Took us twice as long as two people with functioning arms, but we got it done!
It was time for a coat of beautiful paint. As the paint went on, the piece began to transform, and I was super thankful I didn't throw it out.
One the second move, the doors were strained and they no longer closed. I am not sure I will leave the drawer, but it is fine for now.
Eventually I plan to place crown molding and trim to finish it out, but that will be in the future. I love that all my china made it in one piece! Not a single item broken!
I only had a few moments to throw some items onto it so I could take pictures to share with you, as I had to leave suddenly on an unexpected trip.  I am sure I will change it around at least ten more times before I am happy with it! :) My real hope is this inspires you to make do with what you have.. if making a purchase isn't in the cards... or even if it is!
I don't know about others but I always second guess myself and lean toward going with the "safe" route. The older I get though, I want to shake off constraints and walk a little closer to the wild side lol... but not cross any lines hahaa! If you have been reading this blog you will know I have this fondness for deals as well as auctions. Quite some time back I bought a wooden farm table at an auction which was in EXCELLENT condition... that was before it was stored in the garage. Years, tools and oil containers later I was frustrated to find it covered and almost unrecognizable! Mr Stilettos (hahaha gave me the biggest kick out of typing that hahaha), or The Cowboy as I usually call him said "Look, I pre distressed it for ya!" Smarty pants lol! I knew I wanted to do something different with it, so I had my men saw it in half! I attached the original legs to one piece and iron legs to the other. 
My first paint job was with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Cream. I then added clear and dark wax. I did not like this look AT ALL and so I repainted it, distressed and put a clear coat on it. It still wasn't exactly what I wanted. I really wanted bold and for this table to catch your eye. What I really really wanted was Coral. I ran the idea by my family and there was a resounding vote of NO! lol
After much encouragement from others on my Stilettos FB Page... I decided to venture out and break the mold of safe and predictable and I am SOOOO glad I did! Kimberly from over at Serendipity (my favorite word!) suggested I paint a green under coat before adding the coral so it would show through when I distressed the piece. I created my own chalk paints using flat paint, unsanded grout and a little water. 2 Tbls of grout to 2 cups of paint. (I add the grout, a few tsp of very hot water to the blender to dissolve the grout. Then I add the paint and blend again until it is VERY smooth.) I painted it green, waited for it to dry which is my least favorite part. Added 3 coats of coral (it really didn't want to cover that green!) and then distressed the piece . Getting the green to show through was the hard part... all the sanding wanted to go down to the original cream. So, I got out a thin brush and added more areas of green and then sanded it so it looked as if it was showing through! I added a coat of clear Annie Sloan wax and I have to tell you it is my favorite piece of furniture right now! I am learning to follow my gut instinct... not only with silly things like furniture but with other life decisions and it feels Great!
Under coat :)
You can kind of see the green coming through
Thank you to everyone for your encouragement and input over on my FB page! It made this project so much fun!
@Stilettos In The Mud
So much fun and a great focal point!
@Stilettos In The Mud
How it sits in our new home 2012
@Stilettos In The Mud
All dressed up for the Holidays 2012
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