Happily Ever After forgot to mention that sometimes life isn't always sunshine and roses. In every life and every relationship there are bumps along the way. Getting married is the easy part... staying married ... and happily... sometimes takes a little work. 

I have been tired. Physically and emotionally. Since The Cowboy's accident, our home has been in a state of constant disarray, with all the added worry, appointments and changes. Fortunately, raising seven children has made us "Masters of Mass Chaos" so we have been able to take all this in stride and establish a new standard of normal. 

Working Hard
His "torture" device to get movement back
Sometimes you just want to throw the towel in...
...but you can't .. because two hearts some how found their way from two completely different worlds to create a family...
Yup... That's me!
He was always a cowboy!
 ... that is counting on us to remember that our decisions... become their history. 
The day we married, I walked down the isle with a bouquet of my favorite flowers which included pink roses. We walked along golden stars my little sister and oldest child sprinkled along our path.
While the musician sang " You fill up my senses like a night in the forest."
Every now and again, Ill get a surprise bouquet of flowers from my sweetheart... just because. I saved the last bouquet, dried them, and have been waiting for inspiration to hit, so they could be displayed. 
Rolled book pages with dried roses displayed
... and so this morning's crafty project was creating a display, in our bedroom, to remind us to show each other everyday how much love and history we share. 
... sometimes we just need a reminder... to let the other person know we think about them and value them. 
...because love is about Commitment ( There is the the letter C you were wondering about!) and taking time out together... particularly when things are hard. 


Jean Mowery
10/25/2012 09:17

Thank you for your candor(another "C" word)! I will keep the Cowboy's comfort and recovery in prayer. I will also be asking God to bless you all abundantly & often, with His peace and deeply comforting love! ^_^

10/25/2012 09:21

You are so welcome Jean. It is easy to write about the good stuff. Marriage is tough and I feel young people go into it without a real view of the challenges and how you work to get through them. :) Thank you for the prayers... they mean so much!


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