Last years present (Holy Different Hair!)
I was sitting here this morning pondering all the things I could blog about and a thought literally jumped into my mind and stuck. I don't know if any one else ever has that happen and then they begin to obsess about it, or if I'm the only crazy one in the room right now. I just realised V-day is coming up! Yup, the day of all things love, and I have no idea what I am doing!

Oh I know it is so commercialized; it is just a day for stores to sell more stuff; blah blah blah blah blah. I don't care. It is my second favorite holiday! Anytime I can celebrate love and romance and chocolate...Im all over that! Most years I have what I am going to do planned waaaaay in advance. This year, I am seriously behind the 8 ball! (What does behind the 8-ball really mean...I don't play pool...at least not well ... and have always thought it was just an excuse for my husband to see me bend over) Anyways, Im sorely lacking in ideas this year. 

It's going to be hard to top last year! I have a dear trusted photographer friend who came into my home for (gasp) boudoir photos. I gathered a couple of gal pals together, emptied the living room of furniture, set up a few staged areas for photos got them printed, created a "for his eyes only album" ...and viola an amazed and happy husband. Yes, children, mother, and grandmother...they were tasteful ;) Everything I do is. 

I've been combing my favorite blog sites for ideas. Particularly ideas which will work for love birds who will be apart this year!  So, I decided to put this out there...HELP!? Got any great ideas for couples who are long distance?  I want to go a little beyond just the cute card in the mail, but also budget friendly. So, I'm holding my very first contest! Post your ideas or even link to your own blog about a Valentines Day Idea! Whoever's idea I use will win the beautiful little Valentines Hearts (cup not included)  from my one of my favorite Etsy shops! They are beautifully hand crafted and filled with lavender grown and hand harvested in Paradise, Montana! They really are a treat!

Winner will be announced February 5th so you can receive your little hearts in time for Valentines! Winner must be willing to submit all needed information for shipping  by February 2nd. I look forward to your seeing your ideas. Post them in the comment section below! Please be tasteful. This is a family friendly site :)


01/17/2012 13:04

Im just checking the comment box...someone said it wasn't working...Testing Testing :)

01/17/2012 15:35

Hello Kimberly,
I'm not sure how much help this will be... but a couple of years ago me and my son did 14 days of Valentine's... http://cinnamonrosecottage.blogspot.com/search/label/14%20Days%20of%20Valentines
Most of these ideas are for kids but maybe they will give you some ideas??? LOL
Maybe you could do a message in a bottle, love coupons or a CD or photo album.
Like I said, not sure if any of these will help but I tried! lol
Best of luck and an early Happy Valentine's Day to you,

01/17/2012 16:59

I love the idea of the 14 days of love gifts! :) Thanks for being our first response. This is fun!

01/22/2012 16:29

Cookies. Always cookies. They are the best.

01/22/2012 19:16

Thanks Babz...any favorite cookies for love day?

01/22/2012 17:27

Messaged you an idea on Facebook.

01/22/2012 19:15

Thanks Carla! The "Cake in a Jar recipe is at allrecipes.com My friend sent this to her boyfriend who is in the navy."

01/23/2012 09:08

Here is an idea for your valentines day apart from your hubby....Start the week before....he should get a little something different in the mail from you every day. Nothing hug...some choc kisses with a little note...a long letter about how much you miss him...a card that will make him laugh...some stuff like that. Make it a week long, I love you from far away...affair!

02/04/2012 09:37

hey.. so this isn't my idea.. credit goes to this blogger, but it's what I'm planning to do this year for my husband. http://papervinenz.blogspot.com/2011/02/hi-everyone-this-is-last-of-my.html so meaningful and when he misses you he can pull it out and read it. I love the idea.. even better if you hubby likes card games. So.. hopefully it's ok I used someone elses idea.. if not I'll try to think quick.

02/04/2012 12:24

I think you could make him a great little book with pictures of you and the kids.. On each page they put something about his love for them and how much love they have givin him. Make it from a old kids book and just cover it with cute paper. I think Seth is a very loving guy who would enjoy it ! Also when he comes home pack is underwear and in the fly put a heart with a note in each fly. I did this one time for denny and he loaned them out to someone.... I never lived that one down. You are so creative but these are a few ideas to go along with your !!! Happy love Day Kim ~ and good luck <3

02/05/2012 05:28

Congrats to Kim Burgess for winning the Stiletto's in the Mud Valentine's Day contest! I had to get some help for voting because all of the ideas were something I would use! The book idea is great and something he would appreciate far from home but It boiled down to the hearts in the shorts...made me laugh and the judges really know Seth's sense of humor! :) Get your address to me Kimmie!


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