Looking back over 2012, and the words a "wild ride"  race to the forefront of my mind! At the end of January, the blog was only receiving about 50 hits a day, and the FB Fan Page had just hit 100 likes. Those of you following along have been a bigger blessing than you will ever know! 

Another grown child graduated and began life on his own!
Another graduated from 8th grade!
... Moved to a new life and new state with a little break down on the way! A small rental was a large challenge!
The Cowboy survived a work related accident- We could not have made it through without all the love and prayers! Thank you for following The Cowboy Chronicles.
...another move because our first rental made our daughter ill!
Moments of Normal... well needed and we canned and canned for fall on our Happy Ol' Homestead
Made a House a Home and Decorating on a Dime!
Celebrations and Holiday Happenings
Mayhem, Mishaps, Risky Business, and turning trash to treasure!
Favorite Projects and Decorating
Opened my online shop "Cowgirls Chic Boutique" 
Our son proposed to his beautiful sweetheart!
Every year we say goodbye to the old year and hello to a new one by celebrating our Anniversary on New Years Eve! All in all we are thankful we made it through such a trying year and have been able to keep a sense of humor about it! We have so many new and exciting things planned in the coming year! Thank you for following our "wild ride" ! 


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