Stilettos will be transitioning from a blog which focuses on life on a farm, to where ever life takes us in the upcoming year. We are moving in June, as many of you know and I'm sure my family will give me lots to blog about. It will be quite the transition moving from farm life to town life but I'm not quite ready to give up on keeping things a little rural! We have chosen a rural area with lots of outdoor activities to come...yikes! I am hopefully our new place will allow me to have some backyard chickens and a garden.. so Ill still be getting my toes in the mud!

Another change you will see is more and more household DIY projects and crafts. It is something I love and plan to really focus on those things this year! No matter where I live my home will reflect a lived in farm feel! I hope you will continue to follow the blog as we make some drastic changes in our lives! Still hoping to share a few laughs and blunders! 



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