The summer has been incredibly busy on our farm this year. No time for writing or blogging. I dread the children returning to school each year as I miss their sweet smiles and laughter throughout the day. I always feel the void of  being able to grab one of them for an afternoon swim or an ice cream. With the start of school comes the start of a little "me" time again. I've missed being able to log my thoughts here and share our adventures and mis adventures.

It has been a summer of changes and adjustments for us.Everyone is growing up and becoming a little more independent.  My beautiful girl has begun her first year at college and that boy of ours is off having another adventure in Alaska. I just try to stay busy enough not to think about him packing Moose through the Alaskan wilderness which every one and their brother remind me is indeed bear country. It is amazing that in a household which still has five children at home...things can seem downright quiet with two less. Their absence is very present and real.

The other day ... on a bumper sticker...I  saw the bible verse "Be still and know that I am  God" . I reflected on that statement in this current season in which I am dwelling. The word Be is an action word ....the action of being takes effort for me to enact stillness in my everyday world of chaos. If I cannot find a place of stillness then how will I embrace the knowing? In all of the terribly important acts of doing ...every is equally important to find time to reflect, pray, meditate and know God.

Fall will bring more opportunities of stillness. I am looking forward to the cooler days and the changes in schedules. I am looking forward to lonely mornings to drink my coffee and enjoying the quiet stillness that comes once the children are off to school. My mantra this fall is : Be still. I will let you know how successful I am at this act of stillness.



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