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After viewing images of what is going on in other parts of the world, I realized there is nothing like a little change in perspective to make one understand their problems really are not all that big. A short time ago it was the people of Japan with the tsunami, and the ensuing issues of the nuclear power plant disaster. Today I learned of over 200 killed, in the south, from Tornadoes. 

There are bumps in the road and there are catastrophes and most of our problems land some where in between those two, generally on the speed bump side. I'd venture to guess most of the issues we face are speed bumps, however, I know I am guilty of allowing these to really boil my blood. Yes, I have been guilty of allowing many relatively small issues effect me in a manner which should be reserved for bigger events. I have had what many consider to be catastrophes in my life, and I am no stranger to pain and the sharp sting of loss. I have lost loved ones unexpectedly (my young brother and father); I have lost my home to fire (at the age of 12) ; I have had my life and plans uprooted through no fault of my own. I survived those. I am here to be able to be thankful. 

How many families tonight are dealing with some or all of those losses? I want to reach out across the miles and give them something which will soothe without offering the platitudes which made me cringe when I suffered great despair. It leaves me with a hollow sense, filled only with the slight understanding of the path they will begin to travel. I can only offer my prayers.I can only trust in my faith which believes this world is only our temporary home, and we can expect something greater when we pass from here.  

Reading through some of the news stories, and looking at the photos really brought to my awareness how small my frustrations this week really are. Yes, it has been a week where my feelings have been hurt, things have been said, choices have been made which have caused no small amount of tears, however, my life right now is safe. My children are safe. My home is intact. I am not holding hands with my neighbors looking through rubble for loved ones, searching faces for some sense of understanding. Think about those you are frustrated or angry with today, what if tomorrow they are no longer here? Will you regret the things you said? Are there things you wish you would have spoken or done? Is there a mole hill you made into a mountain. Who do you need to make it right with? 

Today,  I was able to go down to get my hair done,  buy groceries, take my children to school, and return home to make dinner because all those buildings are still standing. Tonight, no one will be missing at my table, and that change in perspective is all I needed to be thankful for each and every day, moment by moment, because we never know when life may change.