Who new my hair could be such a hot topic for debate? I don't remember as a kid really giving all that much thought to the state of my parent's hair. However, when I announced my decision to cut my hair super short, the house was in an uproar. There were tears, laughter, jokes and more. However, sometimes life is "just about me" and doing something I feel is best for me is healthy. So, off to make myself a "Rock Star" I went. I loved it immediately and have decided to  go back to my blond hair in a week or so. This has also sparked intense debate. Some of my family loves my red hair...and some miss the blond. I look in the mirror and it always takes me a moment to realize it is me staring back with this red hair. It is kind of fun to re-invent your look as often as I have been able to lately. Funny thing is I have been called a pixie I don't know how many times already, which makes me smile mischievously...wonder if I can get away with acting like one?

What I have realized through all of this, is how much I love how we have raised our children to have their own opinions and be able to voice them respectfully, while accepting the choices an  individual makes. I love the loud, funny, and even heated debates they have. This is not a house of wall flowers but of dynamic, passionate individuals. I just sometimes want to pat my husband and myself on the back and say "well done!" We have raised people who are able to really think for themselves, formulate reason and opinions, and have respect for others. I wonder if chopping one's hair off always brings some sort of epiphany, or if I am just one of the lucky ones?

6 little piggies
The last of the six piglets born this year went to their new homes today. Selling our animals does not come without its own laughter or tears. A really nice couple came by to pick up the two piglets. Seth expected them to come with crates or boxes in tow, since they have raised pigs for 4-H before. They surprised him by loading two rambunctious and nervous piglets into the cab of their pickup. Within moments they had transformed the cab into a place no human would really want to be, if you catch my drift, yet happily they drove down the driveway. I am positive it was a sight to see the gentleman trying to keep them on his side of the pickup! I pray they made it safely to their destination in one piece...I don't imagine their pickup will ever be the same though!

A few weeks back our older daughter took one of the piglets to school for "take your pet to school day." They named her Lola, and I am told she was a perfectly well behaved piggy, making sure to only do "her business" outside, and allowing student after student to carry her around in a blanket like a baby. I could see the writing on the wall...this was not going to end well when it came time for Lola to go to her new home. The day arrived when she was chosen, tears ensued and some of us are still not really happy with "Farmer Dad."  Seth received letters of protest from classmates of  Lili who felt sure Lola deserved a life of happiness on the farm as a pet. No spider webs of salvation for Lola. Farm life is a little hard on the heart of softies like me and some of the kids, yet we are coping with the realities of it. We have to balance the bitter with the sweet. I guess all of life is that way, isn't it?

Over the weekend we hosted a prom dinner for our children and their friends. 16 kids, prime rib and prawns, fun, singing and a few moments where I just sat there in awe of the blessings in my life. This year is full of "last times" for my two oldest children and "first times" for my son who is a freshman. We wanted to make it a very special night for all the kids involved, however, I wanted Ken and Lili to have this night to look back on as a GREAT MEMORY...as a time in their lives when they can remember being in the safety of their loving family and have something they can hold on to when life throws curve balls their way. I find myself cramming more and more memory making opportunities in for them as the time approaches for them to graduate. They haven't thrown their hands in the air and screamed "enough!" at me yet, so I guess they are ok with their mother's craziness.

I find myself looking back over the years. I breathe a sigh of relief that, on this day, all seven of my children are doing well. They are polite, well-rounded, healthy young people. I have known  for a very long time, things can go wrong in just the blink of an eye, so enjoy the moments of peace and happiness. Parenting requires vigilance, patience, and eyes in the back of the head. I sat there watching the kids singing, laughing, and enjoying each other's company and had a "this is what life is all about moment." We can spend our lives so consumed with how things should have been or should be, and can miss opportunities to create lasting memories with those we love.
I have been remiss in writing for my blog for quite a few days now. I lay awake at night thinking of topics and things I want to share and write about. Writing is such a release for me. However, this winter has honestly been a struggle. With the weather, one too many illnesses, planning the opening of the shop, and taking care of the business of raising this fine family, the things which renew my energy and spirit get placed on the back burner.

I don't know what struggles dad's have or people without children experience. I try imagine it but as you can see most of my writing comes out of the experiences of motherhood. Exhaustion hit me last week and I decided it was time for a little inner focus. Too often in my life I say yes to many things and no to not enough!

We all have heard the term 'spring cleaning' and I have decided with the household this year, I am also going to focus on my physical body as well as my spirit. I am in some desperate need of some of this spring cleaning. I don't want to write for the sake of writing, I want it to serve a purpose and be a blessing. I don't want to eat, or clean, or sing, or play, or anything without focus. I was standing in Ross the other day looking for shop supplies, and a broom caught my eye. It was not your ordinary broom, leopard print and black bristles.Something I would normally have looked at but walked on by.  I bought it...frivolous but me. I thought I could really enjoy sweeping with this broom. This silly cleaning article. Everything is so functional but why can't we be functional and fun? Why do I burden myself with so many things I don't need and forget to enjoy the process of living day to day? So my new broom has become my symbol of where I am. It is time to sweep out some of the old, and create a cleaner healthier way of living but with a need to balance it with a little creativity and fun!

Last year I endeavored to lose weight. I set my mind to it , accomplished a goal, and lost 88 pounds. It is easy to get around and I had more energy for a time. However, years of mistreating 'this temple' with yo yo dieting, little exercise, and poor eating habits, has left this redesigned vehicle running a little rough. I decided on a cleanse, a plan for changing some habits, added exercise, as well as a focus this year on the things that really matter. Look out world...I am also practicing the art of  "No"! Spring cleaning has commenced not only in my household but with myself as well. I plan to give away anything in my wardrobe which doesn't fit and despite my husband (whom I constantly tease that he should be on hoarders), this house is going to lose the excess baggage of things we do not use. A balanced approach is the plan, but I want my inner and outer life to reflect the direction of healthy living I desire. I am sure I will have some adventures and mishaps which will be worthy of blogging. Happy Spring everyone!