I know many of you who follow my blog may not be of the same faith as I, so I hope you will give me room to express my deep need today for a little grace and comfort from the faith I hold dear.  Today was a tough day; it is easy to sing praise and be thankful when on the mountain tops and good times. It just as easy to get bogged down in all the worry and exhaustion which comes with hard times. 

I am no stranger to rain, and have enough years behind me to know things only last for a season and one can choose to becomes better and allow "all things to work for good" or get in the way of the divine hand directing the symphony of your life and lose too many moments mired in bitterness. Times like these are where the metal meets the road and can I still or will I  sing thanks for the beautiful life I have been given and embrace the idea of dwelling in the secret place of the most high... know I dwell under the shadow of the Almighty I profess to believe in? Though a new storm of life rages around us, I am thankful for a place to run to and for the faith of my childhood which comforts me.

When I was a little girl, there were so many voices raised in song each Sunday ... old hymns singing "It is well... with my soul" or "How Great Thou Art".  A child's heart cannot possibly know all the challenges life can bring and how much a gift it is to have the faith to say "Thank you, my life is BEAUTIFUL" even in trying times such as these.  



Cindy Boudreaux
07/16/2012 17:13

I so needed to see and hear this video today. Thank you. God bless you!

07/16/2012 17:34

I am soo glad. I always hope that through my life I can be an encouragement to others! Bless you Cindy! xoxo


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