I have seen wings all over the internet and Pinterest and have been just itching to make them! This is my easy interpretation of them, using what I had on hand along with little tin hearts I ordered online. 
By Morning Light...
If you  have any questions, please leave them in the comment section!
How it was made:
Cut each strip with shears to add a little texture to the muslin


Oh Kimber, they are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Even better than what you originally described!!! Congrats, my amazingly creative girlfriend! They're fabulous! xo

01/26/2013 6:50pm

Awwww... thank you soooo much! I had sooo much fun making them and when Valentines is over they are going to have their permanent home in my bedroom! XO my friend!

Danielle Cloyd
08/25/2013 9:24pm

I have a question- I wanted to make these. What are the size of your wings? What size length wise did you sew the fabric?


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