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I always have candles lit
The hub of my home is the kitchen and dining area. My ultimate dream is a formal dining room. When we rented the home we are in, we chose to use the extra room on the main floor as a bedroom, as the kids having their own space is very important. I love the coziness of our home, and enjoy the challenge of decorating and expressing myself creatively through every season. I know you can have a beautiful space no matter your budget or size of your home.  

Burlap and Muslin Table Cloth
Adding the lace and white muslin as finishing touches really made this beautiful!
Over and over again, I hear on my Facebook page or blog that ya'll want real. You love magazine beautiful... you love to dream... but you want to see decorating you can do... on a budget... kid friendly... small or large space! 
Burlap Table Cloth @ Stilettos In The Mud
White muslin and cream lace. Both were very economical and beautiful!
I'm in love with burlap! I have been using a lot of it this season! I washed mine on gentle cycle before sewing, and then again after to make sure it would hold together. I have had no issue with the mine falling apart. However, I can't guarantee it will work for you :)
Oranges and Pine Cones @ Stilettos In The Mud
Oranges... a favorite this time of year.
Everything is really about being functional at our house. Don't you love love love all the beautiful dining spaces featured on the internet? I know I do, but I'm too lazy to move all that stuff to sit down for waffles with the kids. So, I use daily items. My kids walked down after I set this up and wanted an orange. Beautiful and encouraging good nutrition... MOM score!  I also love oranges this time of year, as they remind me summer will return. Were you a kid like me? Did you get one in your stocking, as a kid,  every year,  like I did?
A lovely place to sit :)
I had no idea how to make an oval table cloth! This was a first! My son and I laid out the burlap on the floor and flipped the table upside down on top. We then cut the burlap several inches larger than the table. I stay stitched along the edge. I added a pleated ruffle with lace to finish it off. I mentioned on my Facebook page about wanting to drop kick my sewing machine, as during this project it was being glitchy... I suppose a 1931 Singer has bad days too!
Burlap and Muslin Table Cloth @ Stilettos In The Mud
A beautiful simple table
Simply stated... create a palate you can work with through several seasons. This is economical and feasible. particularly for busy people! A burlap table cloth is easy to make, functional, and can be used throughout the year :) Best of all it is durable and as a mother ... that is the biggest bonus!

PS ...make sure ya'll stop back by ya' hear ... I'll be setting it up with my China and taking pictures real soon!


Shannon Thompson
12/12/2012 3:52pm

Love this!! Burlap is one of my favorites, but I don't really know what to do with it, so it sits in my fabric box ... this turned out so beautiful and gives me inspiration!

12/12/2012 10:59pm

I am sooo glad Shannon! Thank you!

12/12/2012 11:49pm

How did you measure for the ruffle? Is it several inches wide and folded in half? About how many yards to allow for?


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