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Perhaps you can picture a little girl, with blond hair and blue eyes. The wonder of Christmas morning evident on her face. Racing her siblings down the stairs, to the tree, to see what gifts were waiting. Knowing full well, in her home, a BIG breakfast always came first! Seems rather torturous, but a tradition, none the less.  Every year, the magic of Christmas comes alive when the tree goes up. It is a time of reflection, a time of hope, a time of giving, and a time to receive. I love getting gifts as much as I love receiving them. Presents are not a huge part of Christmas morning. Perhaps as much out of necessity as a belief that it is important to take the focus off materialism and put it right back where it belongs and that is in the sharing of love and laughter within the four walls in which we reside. 

One of our family traditions is a new ornament on the tree for each person. Have to have a cowboy for my Cowboy. 
Positive Affirmation Ornaments @ Stilettos In The Mud
Positive Affirmation Ornaments
The primary focus this year, was handmade ornaments. I spent a lot of time creating them, but in the end I am pleased with the results!
White Muslin Bows @ Stilettos In The Mud
White Muslin bows
All our favorite ornaments we have collected through the years have been added. A simple burlap garland adorns the branches. 
This year I wanted to create a basic tree skirt which I could add to or change up in years to come. I do not see the point of changing it out and buying or making a new one yearly. I haven't had a new skirt in over ten years, so it was time. There are so many You Tube and online tutorials on how to create your own skirt, if you are interested. I don't use a pattern, so I am not sure me trying to explain how to accomplish this task would be easy! I just love the white muslin and burlap!
Though I had a "theme" (and I use this term very loosely) this year, there are still some family favorites such as the bright yellow wooden star which stands out! Each of us has favorites, which invoke all the feelings of the season. 
As I was finishing up this post tonight, I received a call from my oldest son. I am blessed to discover he has proposed to his sweetheart, and we have the added gift of a beautiful young woman who will be joining our family. My cup runneth over... again.


12/14/2012 12:28pm

Its all so beautiful, and the handmade ornaments are gorgeous!

12/14/2012 7:26pm

Thank you sooo much Christine :) I had fun!

08/24/2013 1:50pm

I would love to know how you made this tree skirt! How big is it when finished it. If you could send me some type of directions, that would be great!


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