My couch makes me BORED... and you know what happens when I am bored??? I have to fix it and quick! So, a quick afternoon project and I feel ... less bored. Check it out HERE>>>
Is there a Holiday which isn't my favorite... I don't think so! To kick of the start of the season of love I am making little goodies for my home! Read More>>>
Looking back over 2012, and the words a "wild ride"  race to the forefront of my mind! At the end of January, the blog was only receiving about 50 hits a day, and the FB Fan Page had just hit 100 likes. Those of you following along have been a bigger blessing than you will ever know! 

Winter is upon us in Wyoming. The snow covers the land, and there is a stillness even a city girl can come to love and appreciate. Though there has been a moment (or two) where the air is filled gleeful shouts as I throw this 40 year old body to the ground to make snow angels while the beautiful crystalline flakes fall from the sky, landing on my nose and eyelashes. (seriously.. I'm that big of a kid). Decorating our new home has been a joy! This years_ focus was inviting the spirit of the Holidays on a tight budget, using mainly what was already on hand. 

Perhaps you can picture a little girl, with blond hair and blue eyes. The wonder of Christmas morning evident on her face. Racing her siblings down the stairs, to the tree, to see what gifts were waiting. Knowing full well, in her home, a BIG breakfast always came first! Seems rather torturous, but a tradition, none the less.  Every year, the magic of Christmas comes alive when the tree goes up. It is a time of reflection, a time of hope, a time of giving, and a time to receive. I love getting gifts as much as I love receiving them. Presents are not a huge part of Christmas morning. Perhaps as much out of necessity as a belief that it is important to take the focus off materialism and put it right back where it belongs and that is in the sharing of love and laughter within the four walls in which we reside.

The hub of my home is the kitchen and dining area. My ultimate dream is a formal dining room. When we rented the home we are in, we chose to use the extra room on the main floor as a bedroom, as the kids having their own space is very important.

I love the coziness of our home, and enjoy the challenge of decorating and expressing myself creatively through every season. I know you can have a beautiful space no matter your budget or size of your home.  
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Recent update on Seth and how things are going. I know it has been a while since I've updated but we were hoping to share more positives. Click on the picture to take you to the link!

Vignette @ Stilettos In The Mud
My silly little Vignette!

Pierre was so nervous! He and Juliette had been writing back and forth for the last year. They had met during his year abroad while he was attending school as a foreign exchange student at her American University. 

Pierre had landed a job as a teacher's aide for French 101 and had planned to be thoroughly bored to tears. Juliette had saved him from death by boredom. Never had he met anyone as vivacious and focused as she, nor as lovely! Never had he seen anyone struggle as she had with learning another language.

No matter how many hours of tutelage and extra help she was given, she passed the class with a C. Juliette had won his heart, and they spent the year exploring, her sharing her life and love of her beautiful country with him. After a year apart he was ready to make the important phone call. 

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    Country Girl

    Kimber and her husband currently live in beautiful Western Wyoming with four of their seven children, as three have flown the ... the nest. While growing up mainly in the cities of the south eastern United States, she has come to appreciate the simple joys and laughable situations she finds herself in, married to a cowboy and living "rural." 

    They have recently moved from a 200 + acre farm miles outside of a town of 300 people in Montana to a smaller farm on 2 acres outside a town of 1800 in beautiful Wyoming. This move was precipitated by a job change her sweet man was blessed to have come his way! This move has given her more time to pursue her favorite activities of up cycling and re-purposing  furniture! 

    This blog is meant to share the joys, challenges and daily struggles of a large family, and of a woman who bends and molds herself into a self proclaimed "counterfeit country girl." She has found that the series of struggles, fortunate and humorous events have strengthened and expanded her understanding of  parenting, life, relationships, and faith. 

    Kimber has a passion for decorating on a dime (budget), learning the art of homesteading and sharing her adventures in hand crafting, canning, and living simply. As a couple, she and her cowboy have the ultimate goal of purchasing their own land and learning to live as much "off the grid" as is possible in this day and age!

     Her pastimes include creating a beautiful home within a tight budget, navigating the life of her children, singing,  songwriting,  face-booking, creating,  reading, writing, crafting (which occasionally includes dangerous power tools), attending activities with her girl friends, and country swing dancing with her husband. 

    She believes that laughing, kissing, holding hands, relishing the sweetness of children, supporting families, staying positive in the face of whatever life throws your way, and celebrating faith is the way to a healthy and lovely life. Simplicity of life is kind to the soul and does not allow one to get caught up in keeping up with others. It is a deep hope those who read this blog will be blessed and find a little something to brighten up and encourage them on their path.

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