My banner project
I have some favorite tips... all around the web. I thought I give you a little taste of a few of my favorites this week! Hope you find something you can use!

Probably the most eclectic mix of ideas you will find from decorating tips to cleaning... I think there is always a faster, easier and more economic way to be found for any project but why reinvent the wheel?! Thank you to all the blogs I am featuring for your awesome work! (click on the pics for the link)

I made a BANNER and posted about it Here. I wish I had thought of this neat little tip for printing a banner... the way I did it was WAY harder!! Click on the picture and get Shanty @ Chic's awesome tip!
This idea saved me on a dresser project which will be featured in an up and coming blog! It is super easy to do ... with family friendly and easy to find materials!  Thank you Frou FruGal!
No blog tips I share would be complete without something from Kimberly over @ Serendipity Refined... and don't just stop at this post... she has good idea after good idea!
From My Home Redux
Sometimes you can't just throw the hole kitchen out and start over with new. I love this idea because it is a fix anyone can do to update their cabinets for less money than it would take to remodel! You can find this at her Blog My Home Redux
We just bought a micro-fiber couch and though it hasn't had any mishaps yet... I have saved this link! It is amazing how she was able to clean hers up!! This is for all ya'll with kids or pets! Thanks 551 East!
Gorgeous DIY stamped tea towels! I have already ordered myself some flour sack towels!!! These would make great gifts for the Holidays!! Thank you Centsational Girl
These are some of MY favorite homemade cleaners! Hope you will try some of them! Things can be family safe, earth friendly, and clean!!
A little Country Girl Chic for you! How to turn one old farm table into two wonderful tables for your home!
There is nothing better to this country girl than a tidy pantry... I know.. Im a freak... but I love these DIY labels! Thank you Ellinee Journal for all your great label ideas!

...and here Ellinee Journal does it again with Halloween Printable Labels!! 
Last but not least... an amazing chair tutorial!! This is WONDERFUL! Road Kill Rescue.... You rock! ... and don't you just get a kick out of her blog name??


10/30/2012 7:11pm

Thanks, my dear girlfriend. You MADE MY WEEK!

10/30/2012 7:45pm

You betcha... you are an awesome inspiration!
:) xoxo

12/10/2012 12:40pm

Thanks for the mention. I appreciate it. Can you hyperlink My Home Redux? Thanks.

12/10/2012 1:02pm

You are so welcome ..it already has a link ...click on the picture :) I link every picture :) Kind Regards

08/14/2013 12:30am

I love the printing banner you have made. This month is my son's birthday and I was totally confused about what should I gift him. I wanted to do some creatively and surprise him which he can remember after a long time also. Thanks for the brilliant idea.

01/28/2014 12:43pm

your link to My Home Redux is not a tutorial to make over kitchen cabinets, rather it is an advertisement for a company charging $3500 to do it for you. Verify your links??


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