Donut Peaches
You will need 
4-6 pounds of peaches
3-4 cups of organic cane sugar
ground cinnamon and ground cloves
butter (optional)

With the left over peaches from canning, I decided to make a small batch of peach butter. Im afraid I do not have an exact recipe... but Ill do my best to explain my process! I am sure there are exact recipes on the web somewhere! :

You can learn how to prepare your peaches HERE. I explain how to blanch, peel and pit your peaches! 

Once you have your peaches peeled and pitted, you can do one of several things. I took 2/3 of the peaches and I blended mine on the very lowest setting of my vita mixer and pulsed the peaches until smooth. I then, by hand, smooshed (very technical term there) the remaining 1/3 by hand as we like a few chunks in our peach butter! You can also use an old fashioned apple sauce strainer.

I think I had about 4-5 pounds of peaches. I added 4 cups of sugar, but I only added half of that at first... tasted it and then added the rest as needed! I placed the peaches and half the sugar in a cook pot with cinnamon and ground cloves. I added more cinnamon as I cooked until it tasted as I felt it should! :) I told you I wasn't using measurements on this one! 

I brought the mixture to a boil and then reduced the heat. I added a couple of table spoons of butter.  I let the mixture cook down until it was the correct consistency which took about 2 hours. 

I then ladled the peach butter into hot, clean and sterile jars and placed the sterile lids on according to the manufacturers directions. I hot water bathed them for the correct amount of time for my altitude! Viola!
Beautiful canned peach butter for winter! Yum!


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