On our way back from the cowboy's occupational therapy appointment, early this morning, we came across a vendor, from Idaho, selling peaches. My early years were spent running through the tall grassy fields and building forts under the pines in Georgia, where much of my family still lives. There isn't a summer of my childhood I do not remember there being peaches in one form or another... jam, preserves, cobbler, etc. There were endless summer days of chasing lightening bugs, "helping" my grand dad churn home made ice cream, running through clean sheets on the line, being and knowing I was loved and protected by a wonderful family clan. The smell and sight of peaches take me back to those days and all the feelings they invoke are lovely. 

I could snap pictures of peaches all day
The variety of this peach is called "Donut Peaches" 
They are flat, sweet, and have an white flesh
I decided to can these and make a little peach butter! Canning peaches is fairly simple and there is nothing like the taste of peaches you preserved yourself in the middle of a snowy winter's day. I cannot wait to enjoy a taste of summer in the midst of winter!
After washing my peaches, I blanched them in boiling water, in order to make it easier to peel the skins. It doesn't take long to blanch and you do not want to over do it and cook your peaches!
I blanch mine right in a strainer so I can lift them out and place them directly in ice water to cool them down. Once iced, I transfer them to a bowl and begin peeling all the skins off. 
I place them in an ice bath in my sink
The peeling should be pretty easy... though they are slippery! After I have an entire bowl of peeled peaches, I start placing them in sterilized jars! I then make a 30% sugar syrup mixture of honey, sugar and water. You can find a basic recipe online easily or in a canning cookbook!
I think peaches are just so beautiful
Once you have cut up your peaches and placed them in the jars, ladle the hot syrup over. Make sure you leave 1/2 inch head space. Take a butter knife and gently place in the jar to help the air escape... add more syrup if you need. Wipe off rims with sterile wet cloth, place lids and rings, and hot water bath according to your altitude. You can find info on hot water baths online!
Remove from the bath after the correct amount of time and then allow to cool. You want to make sure each jar seals before you place in your cubbard! 
Enjoy those peaches ya'll! 


YUM! I've never canned peaches before (except preserves) but now you've got me thinking that I may need to try it!

08/03/2012 4:56pm

Sweet! My kids just love them! I never can can enough! Thanks Kimberly! xoxo


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