I've been working very hard on my own for the last several years toward my goal of getting healthy. I'm not going to lie and say weight loss was not a part of it, however I wanted my focus to be health. On my own I lost a small person's worth of weight. I have had many struggles and successes!  I'm very proud of what I have accomplished. Part of being successful at any goal is knowing when you have to go outside yourself for help. I have arrived at such a place in my health goals. 

With all of the changes in the last year, I have fallen back on some unhealthy habits.  Recognizing it and wanting to make sure I do not lose anymore ground, I asked my husband for a personal trainer for Christmas.I was quite surprised when he agreed but he said I made a good argument for stretching the budget for this and I am going to purchase less music for my Ipod each month, which is my me purchase. 

We have very few fitness classes in our area so that wasn't a viable option. We have two gym type places but lets face it...I know I am the type of person who needs a little accountability and nudge every now and again :) Also, I am self admitting to being a people pleaser and in this instance I am hoping it will work in my favor. I am hoping by having someone who helps me set healthy goals and is interested in my successes as well as won't let me get a way with second best...Ill be able to step it up to the next level. 

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting with my personal trainer...cracks me up every time I say or write it. "I have a personal trainer"  Definitely not something I would have ever thought I'd ask for as a Christmas present. She is cute as a button but I have a feeling she is going to take me to task as she promised! I want to be healthy and strong and it's good to have a partner to work with. I just hope I don't lay their sobbing like those people Biggest Loser. I only watched that show once and I wanted to cry for them as I'm not motivated by humiliation and people yelling particularly on national TV! SO hopefully she will go easy on me there. 

I will be blogging and maybe sometimes bit**ing about my successes and failures. I want to hear from others who are on a path to becoming healthy! Here's to year of getting healthy and fabulous which will not only help when I purchase a dress for when we renew our vows next fall but will hopefully make some life long changes for this gal! 



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