I've just completed my first two weeks of working out...almost everyday. There are a few things I have learned so far, and it has  been quite the adventure. 

10. Even under all the softness time brings with lack of dedicated and focused exercise, there are indeed muscles under there you never knew existed.

9.Howls of pain from being sore will provide teenagers hours of endless joy and pleasure...who knew they were such comedians ....just not so sure about it being at my expense ;)

8. I've learned being sore is a good thing. It means I've worked hard and I have evidence (see previous point about howls of pain)

7. You know what road they say is paved with good intentions?  I have not managed 100% gluten free but I have reduced my intake of wheat drastically and feel good. I've learned my lesson about declarations and too high of goals...I hope!

6. It's all about balance. I've discovered I've lost mine somewhere along the way. Balance in regards to diet, exercise, and physical strength is healthy. There is even a balance to be found in enjoying a brownie every now and again. 

5. It's all about breathing. I've discovered I hold my breath...a lot. In applying this to other aspects in life it has to be noted with a house full of kids, I spend a lot of time worrying and "holding my breath" to see what we will encounter each day. It's a lot easier to face life if we are conscious of our breath. We can use it as a tool to calm and center ourselves. When exercising...breathe. When dealing with teens...breathe. When wanting to "put the smack down" on rude obnoxious people in the grocery store...breathe. When sitting, standing, laughing, living...breath. 

4. It is fun to shop for exercise clothes. I'm not a shopper. I don't enjoy shopping...it makes me cranky. Don't get me wrong...I love the outcome...having cute things to wear...and oh how I adore shoes. I just do not care for the process of shopping. I had my first enjoyable buy yesterday, when I rewarded myself with a new workout outfit (and at 50% off which always makes this gal smile). Apparently I'm into hot pink and black right now...but there are so many options out there above and beyond icky sweatpants! Having the right gear and feeling cute is just one thing which motivates me to move everyday!

3. You can exercise in your own home and get a good workout without a lot of expensive and space taking equipment. I've had the best workouts I have ever had with hand weights, yoga ball, yoga mat, resistance bands, my steps and the wall. Don't let what you don't have prevent you from getting healthy. Use the tools on hand :)

2. Life gets in the way sometimes, particularly when you are a mom. I missed one workout this week to deal with a crisis. It couldn't be ignored or put off until a later date. I was frustrated. After I spent some time thinking about my feelings, I realized all parents sacrifice parts of themselves in order to make sure their kids have everything. My frustration wasn't directed at the children, or my role as a mom, but really at all the times I have used being a mom as an excuse not to make time for myself. It is important to schedule time for yourself. 

1. When it comes to exercise, even when you don't feel like it...push through and do it anyway. There are days when Ms T, my personal trainer, shows up and I'm just not feeling it. Even after the workout I'm still not glad I persevered...I'm tired, cranky and just plain not in the mood. She reminded me it's like child birth...you get to that place where you just don't think you can do it...but you have to...and in the end the results are beautiful.  
So , here I sit, waiting patiently and a little trepidatiously (is that even a word?)  for my first exercise encounter with a personal trainer. I am kind of hopeful it will be like the first time I had a child...I had imagined something so horrible and horrendous (after hearing many women's horror birthing stories) when I had my first it wasn't as awful as I had imagined. The problem with it was the children which came after her;  I had true knowledge and still had fear but it was a little healthier. 

My PT is a wonderful gal...has checked in with me several times this week to see how things are going with eating healthy (NOT calling it a diet), and has been very encouraging concerning my successes. It isn't so much I fear her; I realize it is more I fear my body not being as strong as I want it to be but I'm am doing the healthy self talk of "Be patient, it will come with time." Yeah, I think my husband is correct when he says I over think everything

I've donned my "little" hot pink sports bra (cuz it's pretty and keeps things where they used to be/ well almost) and exercise gear . I'm ready to "feel the burn" ( I can hear my children in my head saying "Mom, don't ever say that again)! So wish me luck..or say a prayer...or just imagine me in down ward facing dog and giggle a little.