Outside my window
Winter is upon us in Wyoming. The snow covers the land, and there is a stillness even a city girl can come to love and appreciate. Though there has been a moment (or two) where the air is filled gleeful shouts as I throw this 40 year old body to the ground to make snow angels while the beautiful crystalline flakes fall from the sky, landing on my nose and eyelashes. (seriously.. I'm that big of a kid). Decorating our new home has been a joy! This years focus was inviting the spirit of the Holidays on a tight budget, using mainly what was already on hand. 

Welcome To My Home

Christmas is racing toward us at lightening speed. I detest shopping and I only have one item under the tree so far... yikes. It is time to get busy. (No more playing in the snow until I get everything completed) As promised... drum roll please... my burlap and barbed wire project is complete........
Wreath @ Stilettos In The Mud
I added battery operated lights for night
Burlap Bow @ Stilettos In The Mud
Burlap Bow with pip berries
Fun to upcycle old items!
Barbed Wire Wreath @ Stilettos In The Mud
Rustic and Cheery! Made use of the Cowboy's ancient skates!
Holiday Wreath @ Stilettos In The Mud
Use what you have on hand to create beauty
Wyoming winter bring an amazing amount of cold and snow. I don't want to have to un -bury any decorations, so I am keeping it to a minimum.. outside! I have one small row of lights around our porch and then a fun wreath made of barbed wire! I was really blessed as I just asked around the community and found some barbed wire someone wanted to get rid of! In order to keep the wire from scratching the door, I added greenery :)

Entry Way

Simple Holiday Entry Way @@ Stilettos In The Mud
Welcome to my home!
Home For The Holidays @ Stilettos In The Mud
I love to keep it fun!
Home For The Holidays @ Stilettos In The Mud
Handmade sachets
My decorating is sensible and simple. It feels too overwhelming with too much clutter, even beautiful clutter! It perhaps stems from having so many children... when they were small it was easier to keep things simple to avoid mishaps or messes!

Living Space

Holiday Decorating @ Stilettos In The Mud
First Try of decorating my TV Console
In honor of Heaven's new angels this Holiday Season. May your families and communities find comfort. 
Angel HOliday Decor @ Stilettos In The Mud
Nests, ornaments, and bird added
@Stilettos In The Mud
After Update
Holidays are a time to celebrate family and life. Never has it seemed so important as is does this year. 
Many times throughout the year, I have heard people talk about having a family (and pet friendly) space. Our space is small, and I wanted to show you how one can decorate without making things seem smaller! We opted for a smaller inside space in order to have additional acres outside, as well as keep heating costs to a minimum. There is no reason to sacrifice on festivity though!


Home For The Holidays @ Stilettos In The Mud
These adorable trees were purchased at our local dollar type store. They were on sale for buy one for $2 and get the second one half off!! Wrapping the tacky little balls in coordinating fabric made my kitchen festive and fun! 
Blogs and magazines always crack me up.. I know there has to be other bloggers who run around getting rid of shoes, coats, and hiding things that are normally left out, so they can share beautiful pictures with you!  I thought I'd show you REAL LIFE! This is what my home is ... simple and real. 
Farm Animal Crazy! Too fun to decorate them for the Holidays!

Dining Room

I still need to finish the stairway and I have plans for a place to hang the stockings near the backdoor, as we do not have a fireplace :) 
Home For The Holidays @Stilettos In The Mud
My favorite this year! I love skates! These were Lil' Bits when she was still tiny! :)

My Boudoir

Home For The Holidays @ Stilettos In The Mud
Keeping it simple makes after Holiday cleanup EASY
Home For The Holidays @ Stilettos In The Mud
My bedside table all festive and bright
Home For The Holidays @ Stilettos In The Mud
Peacock feathers and glass baubles
Home For The Holidays @ Stilettos In The Mud
A simple vine wreath, lights, and greenery
A Christmas Present to me... from me. Vintage fabric and linen pillow. Graphics Fairy provided me with the postcard stamp from Paris which I applied to the fabric! 
There is nothing more peaceful than to fall asleep under twinkling lights! I have a few more nooks and crannies to complete and it will be fun to share them with you all. May your winter celebrations be filled with love, family, and hope.


Bobbye McCartha
12/17/2012 14:14

I love it all!!! My kind of decorating! I especially adore the clock beside your bed!! The pillow you made is grand too :) Can't wait
to see more! Merry Christmas <3

12/17/2012 14:17

Thank you so much! The clock came from Cracker Barrel :) I love it too :) I am sooo glad you enjoyed the post! :)
Merry Christmas <3

12/17/2012 14:31

So pretty and cozy and festive. Love it!! You've done a marvelous job!

12/17/2012 14:35

Thank you so much Peggy! It was really fun... and getting to share it makes it even more wonderful! <3 Kimber

Blenda Drummond
12/17/2012 15:15

Really enjoyed the tour. You are very talented!

12/17/2012 15:17

Thank you Blenda! It was fun :)

12/17/2012 16:45

I feel like I've just been to your house, sat down, had a cup of tea and admired your work!!:) Thank you so much for sharing, what a labor of love to photograph it all and then share it with us - blessings!

12/17/2012 17:58

Caron... you have just given me the best compliment! :) Thank you Kimber

Angie Martin
12/17/2012 22:30

You have a lovely home Kimber - enjoyed your photos very much! ♥ the twinkle lights on your headboard and especially the "Look! Real Life" "bubble"...

12/18/2012 08:47

Hi Angie... thank you sooo much :) I had fun... and yeah... we are pretty real here :) lol :)


My favorite is the wreath (skates) on the door and your beautiful tree (and the SKIRT)!!!! Merry Christmas my dear friend! xo

12/18/2012 15:11

I have been waiting to get that wreath done since the Holiday Season was imminent! I just had to wait on a relative to ship them... and it was sooo fun when they arrived! Thank you so much my sweet friend! xo

12/19/2012 12:31

Love your warm home! Lived on the prairie outside Denver for many years...took me back to the sense of silence and space. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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