Moving into a new space always presents challenges but I'm one of those gals who likes a good challenge and the feeling which comes with over coming it. We have moved into a much smaller space, albeit finished (the house in Montana was always under construction). We had a few options to consider when choosing a home here in Wyoming. In the end it ended up being more space/ less convenience or vice versus. We chose convenience. All the houses with extra bedrooms and baths meant a long driving time to the kid's school. It is healthier for the budget, environment, and my sanity to reduce commutes, particularly since the kids in my home are very active and involved. We are still in the process of moving in but I wanted to give a sneak peek of it :) 
The one and only bathroom!
Did you read that right? ONE bathroom with 6 people?? We have always had one bathroom, and as tempting as it was to rent one of the homes with three... cleaning extra toilets lost out to short commute! Years ago my kids worked out a system to eliminate fighting and arguing. Each kid has their own time in which to shower and they are pretty good at sorting things out for themselves. As much as I would love a bathroom of my own, I just remind myself there are places in the world where people still use an outhouse and my cheery attitude returns.
The first room I unpacked :)
Again, a little smaller than I am used to, but it has a lot of cub-bard space and light. I'll be bringing my fridge down from Montana, so that old one will be saying bye bye soon! :) The one bonus to a smaller kitchen? Less floor to mop! I think I see a pattern here... I don't like to clean! 
My bedroom and favorite space so far!
I am only half way done with my bedroom. Ill be posting complete and better quality pictures when the entire room is finished. My sweet cowboy doesn't mind the girly aspect and I have to say he looks pretty cute when he is snuggled under that ruffly blanket! My goal was a romantic and functional space. I think we are on our way :) 

As I finish sewing curtains and bringing the remainder of our belongings from Montana, I will post new pictures and how I over came the challenges of working with colors and rooms. Step by step I am making this House a Home, and we are settling in nicely. What says home to you when you move into a new space? My favorite thing to do is put up the pictures and drag at all my special little knickknacks I have carted around for years. All those things help me feel at home, but it is the laughter and noise of my family filling the walls which makes me feel we have arrived home, no matter where we are in the world. 
Our entry way...says it all...this is what home is all about.. Family
I've been asked many many times why I didn't pursue my music... I have talent enough. Time and again I have thought on this and I have come to realize I had a bigger dream, one which I have managed through hell (excuse my french) and high water to achieve, and that was the dream of a home of my own, full of children, laughter, friends, and memories. Music fills the four walls we call home from morning until the time everyone is tucked into their beds.This home and this family is my heart music I share with the world.  Right here, right now, I have everything I need.