With a new job, family and everything going on around our place, I just did not have the time to fully decorate for Easter... however I have a few spring additions I have added to my home... and just wanted to share them with you! 
With the unbelievable prices on those vintage tins or the adorable vintage chicken and rooster salt and pepper shakers... they had to come home with me! I spent under $20 for all of them! I cannot resist a bargain!!
How lucky to live on a farm where I can get away with keeping items up that would normally be for Easter! No one would blink twice in my house to see this the bunny and carrots through out the spring and summer months!
Picture from Stilettos In The Mud
Outside my back door today!!
Springtime in Wyoming is DRASTICALLY different than anything I grew up with in the Southland. Spring always spoke  of green grass, dogwood blossoms, bunnies, Sunday's Best Dress, the chirping of birds, and families getting together around a well placed table. 

Wyoming boasts a spring with very little promise so far. Snow still covers the mountains and the air is crisp and cold; many nights still dropping down into the single digits. I haven't seen hide nor hair of the birdies singing spring into being. 

Though Spring decorating was planned well in advance, my best efforts were foiled by a company who has an EXTRAORDINARILY long shipping time. It has been over a month and the ordered Cotton Wreath has FINALLY  graced my mail box. I love all the lovely lovely things which The Antique Farmhouse offers, and the quality is wonderful!  I just wish their shipping time was faster! I think it was worth the wait though! 
My FAVORITE has to be this sign I had made down at a local store called Pepper Willow. She is just a lovely lovely lady, and created exactly what I was needing! My children loved watching Bambi when they were small, and life on the farm created many moments when I laughed it off and told the children the animals were just "twitterpated." This satisfied their curiosity for many... many... many years!
This AMAZING "B" was purchased from Jennifer over at "The Enchanted Alphabet" She took to heart all the things I wished to incorporate and it fits my family perfectly. 
There were lots of giggles when I placed the "B" and Twitterpated together!
 They make the perfect pair!


Jennifer Schmidt
04/01/2013 15:14

I love love love how you hung this!!!!!! Great inspiration for me!!!!

04/01/2013 15:19

Thank you Jennifer! You did an amazing job making that "b" and it is sooo lovely in my home! xo

04/02/2013 08:44

I just love your style...and love for life & family!


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