Stilettos In The Mud Owl Pillow
I am bored... I hate to even admit that. Not with my life but with my living room. I will be spending the next few weekends changing everything from curtains to updating some furniture. I just hate waiting... don't you? I decided I needed something done right now!

BEFORE... Can you say boring???
SOOOO much better... and it gives me something to look forward to when everything is ALL DONE!
Making your own throw pillows is an easy and inexpensive way to change things in a room up in just a short amount of time! No need to buy pillow forms or even the spendy fill at the local fabric store! I just head to Target or a similar store and buy their cheapest bedroom pillows! Want to know the secret to making your pillows full and fluffy? Pull apart and fluff the fill before inserting it into your pillow. I always over stuff as over time it becomes more compact. The graphics for my owl pillows came from Graphics Fairy! She makes it easy to be creative!!

... and later in the day

Guess my son thought the new pillows looked pretty comfy and he settled in for a nap!


Heh. Someone seems to be enjoying his sleep out there. They indeed look adorable.

06/01/2013 21:17

Thanks lol

10/09/2013 06:28

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07/15/2013 01:41

Hats off to your creativity and enthusiasm. Your living room couch looks much better now. I am sure you love your arrangements ans is looking forward to revamping it entirely. I do hope I had got the time and ability as yours!

07/17/2013 04:23

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09/30/2013 09:25

What else do you use cushions for but to rest on. lol

11/11/2013 10:07

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