Once upon a time there was this sorely neglected ironing board. It's owner hated to iron, and often used the excuse that the ugly duckling of an ironing board made the task of ironing distasteful. This beautiful (ha ha) maiden (double ha ha) could not be swayed to over look the flaws in order to save her family from the horror of WRINKLES (eery voice over).

Sorely lacking in nice crisp shirts to wear, her Cowboy suggested they make a new ironing board cover, putting her vast amounts of creative talent to practical use. (She knew she married him for a reason... and yes he does know how to iron). 
Her Cowboy was also one of those people who just might be on a hoarding show if he didn't have such a lovely wife who de-cluttered and discreetly threw things out when they were no longer of use. After many battles, however, she gave up on trying to toss an old sheet he was sure could be put to use someday ... due to it's high thread count. It was during these "lively" discussions about this particular sheet when she wished she had NEVER taught him about thread count. It seemed such a good idea at the time... standing there in the store... convincing her frugal (tight wad) husband to purchase the more expensive sheets. Here her handsome Cowboy stood, sheet in hand, grin on his face, and triumph in his eyes! "This would be Puuuuurfect. (he didnt purr... it just makes a good story!)
This couple set about doing this task together... the cowboy offered a few suggestions which were actually good ideas! They pulled the  old ratty cover off and removed the string which held it in place on the board. Laid out their sheet fabric, pinned the cover to it, cut 2 inches all the way around using the old cover as a guide. After ironing, the CG then folded, ironed and pinned the fabric to create a hem in which to run the elastic through, making sure to fold and pleat where needed. (Again, you can find You Tube Tutorials on how to make an ironing board cover... just google it!) CG sewed the hem, ran the elastic and tied it off!
Having FINALLY learned how to transfer images on to fabric, our CG had some lovely printables she found at Graphics Fairy printed off at the local print shop. She made sure they used Toner based copying, so the images would be less like to run! You can Google and look on pinterest for how to transfer toner based print to fabric! There are a TON of tutorials ... even on You Tube! 
Transferring Tips:
1. Make sure you have a hard surface under the fabric being printed on. 
2. TAPE TAPE TAPE the fabric down with painters tape! Otherwise it slips!
3. Less is more.. be light with the solvent used as too much will cause the image to bleed!
4. It takes a lot more pressure and rubbing than I had first thought to get image to transfer!
5. Start with small projects... it took me about fifteen tries to get the hang of this!
6. Use solvent in a well ventilated area!! 
...and they lived happily ever after, even though CG feels a little gipped since all the fairy tales do not end with the lovely maiden (another ha ha) still ironing clothes ;) She is thinking maybe the ironing board is just too pretty to use now that it has been transformed from ugly duckling to swan!


11/26/2012 16:06

That is just too cute. (the narration was funny too)

12/28/2012 09:03

Thank you!


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