You can see her cast in this picture.
Lil' Bit has been a little cowgirl... since the moment she caught sight of a horse. There was no keeping her off of one... even when she broke her arm... she badgered the doctor until he gave her permission to ride "CAREFULLY!" 

Our Montana home was on a large farm, but the house was small and having to share with two VERY different sisters meant there was not a lot of room for individual personalities to dominate the room. This move, however, has made it possible for her to design and create her own space. I am pleased with her choices and how lovely the room has turned out. We haven't found the perfect window treatments yet... so those will be added when the right material comes along. 

Our blank slate upon moving in gave us a basic color we had to work with... and around. It is not a large room, and a dark wall can seem overwhelming. We chose to keep things very simple, basic, and light in here!
Our local five and dime has really reasonably priced frames... and you can print of pics for really cheap at Costco or with your own printer! I then edited them with Pic Monkey ... I have photo shop as well ... but honestly... don't spend the money... Pic Monkey works great for home projects!
I knew I wanted art work and pictures which reflected her... I looked high and low at paintings etc. In the end... the best source of inspiration was from my beautiful cowgirl herself!
I despise working around things such as thermostats! Can't they make them pretty??? I got these at a Five and Dime too! I love finding pretty things ... for not much $ ... don't you? My friend over at Serendipity Refined calls it "Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget"!
Even coat hooks can be cute and add to a room... I love those little butterflies! 
The dresser I have had for years... picked it up for free. I painted it with homemade chalk paint in an off white, waxed with AS wax and then distressed it LIGHTLY! The chair is another 2nd hand find. They were a light straw color... so I stained them! I love the texture it adds in a room! 
My Lill' Bit LOVES collecting items... I hate to dust... who doesn't? So, we limit the clutter to one or two shelves! I always find keeping things simple in my kids rooms makes it easier for them to keep it tidy as well! 

That little banner was a cinch to make! I cut out triangles from muslin, printed off the letters, laid the muslin over the print and traced with a pencil. I then filled it in with a brown permanent marker.I then sewed the flags together and finally stitched them to the Jute twine with my machine!

The window and shelf were another project I loved doing. For safety reasons, I wanted that window secure. I could not figure out how to attach a picture hanger without breaking the glass. It was easier to secure the ribbon to the window with heavy duty staples and then attach them to an old curtain rod that was laying around!
Her bed is perhaps one of the favored things in my home! Again, it was a free item someone cast off! A little chalk paint, wax and distressing and it fits in beautifully! I ordered the comforter set from Overstock($88) and chose it in a full size so I wouldn't have to outfit the bed with a dust ruffle! 

The little peacock Pier One Chair is perhaps the most expensive item in the room, and yet I got it for $80 second hand. My home is not a designer home, yet it is cozy, lovely and welcoming. Her entire room cost under $300.. including all the bedding, chairs, rug,  pictures and collections!

Use what you have in a new way... paint does wonders to old furniture! Be creative and most of all make your home a space everyone loves coming home too!


You tell your daughter that the two of you make a FABULOUS team (in case 9,000 other people haven't already mentioned it!) The colors that she chose are simply marvelous and the photos that you edited, perfect! I agree with you about the bed, it's heavenly! Well done, ladies! Well done! xo

10/17/2012 19:37

You are always so encouraging and sweet! Thank you so much for the wonderful comments! Love ya girl! K

10/30/2012 12:49

Her room looks great!

11/11/2012 14:56

Thank you so much!


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