I have been hearing over and over the praises sung about using Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint and Wax. Honestly the only thing which deterred me from trying it right away was the cost, particularly since I have to have it shipped as there are no merchants nearby which sell it.  as I combed websites I saw others saying you could also make your own chalk paint. I decided I really wanted to not only try AS paints but put it to the test right next to the DIY Chalk Paint. 

I have to say finding a place to purchase online was an interesting process. I was a little nervous as I wanted to go with someone reputable. I had seen other posts about 3 Oaks Studio, and so made the decision to go with them. Vicki was wonderful to work with. I have to tell you she ships at a reasonable amount, and communicates right away. The items arrived very quickly. If you are thinking of purchasing online I would recommend going through her lovely online shop. :) Click on the name or the Annie Sloan Paint picture to take you there. 

Of course the day it arrived I HAD to try it out. I decided a cabinet I had done last year needed a face lift! With a house of boys I have come to love the distressed look...and they have made the piece a little more distressed than needed. I broke out the "pot" of cream AS and got to work. I noticed right away the difference from using latex. The paint brush lines really show, but I'm ok with that. It did take two coats, but it dries very quickly here in Montana. If there is one recommendation I can make when ordering it would be to ask about color. It is so hard to tell on the monitor what you are getting exactly. The cream is very pretty but VERY yellow. I am not sure where this piece will eventually land when we move as the color is very different than anything I have in my home. I probably should have gone with white.

I wish you could see how yellow the cream is in the pictures. It is very very yellow :)
I went with a lot less distressing with the piece this time around. Some of this was due to the chalky nature of the paint. It was a lot more powdery than I am used to when distressing and I didn't want the particle floating around in the air when my asthmatic daughter returned home. As always make sure you use proper respiratory protection. :) 

My next project was to mix up my own DIY chalk paint. I researched online and found a recipe. I then went to our local small town hardware store, Gambles. The owner helped me order the needed non sanded grout to mix in with the paint. I wanted a particular color, so I mixed a couple of colors I already had. I wanted a Robins egg blue. I mixed 2 cups of light blue, 1 cup of turquoise with 9 teaspoons of non sanded grout. I mixed it thoroughly. It seemed more grainy than the AS paint so I used an old blender to mix it on the lowest speed. I figured out that though it was grainier when I worked it onto the piece with my brush, the grains dissolved and looked fine. One thing I did notice which was different than the AS paint was the smell. It was a lot more chemically smelling with the grout mix. 

I have since changed my recipe and directions! I use 2 cups flat paint, 2 Tablespoons of unsanded grout and 1/16 cup of warm water. I blend the water and grout in an old blender until smooth and then add the paint! Hope this helps you out! 
I decided to be a little crazy and paint a large item of furniture...one really should test a new product on something you don't mind messing up but I'm fearless when it comes to trying new things here at the house. That's what paint stripper is for right?
BOTTOM LINE:  Annie Sloan's paints and waxes are quality products. I love them. The wax is bar none the best and easiest wax product I have used to date. I honestly love the versatility of using the DIY Chalk Paint as I can make it into 100's of colors even with using Earth Friendly paints. However, I may on occasion still order her paints particularly if it is an item I wish to sell. I am very frugal and the money factor weighs heavily ... so you can make s similar product at home. 

Annie Sloan Paint: 
38.95 a Quart plus shipping 

Annie Sloan Wax:
26.95 plus shipping

My homemade DIY Chalk Paint per quart was was around $18  a quart (as the turquoise paint is very expensive) If you use a cheaper paint it will be a lot less ... more around the $5- $6 range :)

Happy painting. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! :) Hope this helps. 


Angela Greene
03/27/2012 16:00

ASCP is an artist's paint. If you just want to paint something a solid color and do not care what the finish looks like...the cheapest and easiest solution is a can of spray paint from the dollar store.

03/27/2012 16:23

I really liked the Annie Sloan paint...but the spray paint doesn't have the same look or finish like it or the DIY chalk paint has. Thank you for commenting :D

03/27/2012 16:10

I have the supplies to make my own but with plaster of paris instead. I have been using AS paints for two years now. It is funny how it exploded in blogland last year. I really like her paints but agree they really pricey but go a long way. I have had a can of old white since last Oct and just not purchased a new one even though I still have a tad bit more left. Have you seen CeCe Caldwell paints? I also use CeCe Caldwell clay/chalk paint. It is a tad less expensive and the colors a bit different. I LOVE the CeCe wax!! I like how AS paints thicken up. CeCe paints are a tad more watery but dry just the same and cover just the same. I need to get around to doing a DIY version.

03/27/2012 16:25

I have heard of the CeCe paints too but I have not tried them. I would love to hear how the paint with plaster of paris holds up and feels in comparison to the others! Let me know when you try it out..yes? Thanks for commenting :)

05/05/2012 17:13

Hi Kimber I enjoy reading your comparisons. I'm glad you did try CeCe Caldwell's Paint - and of course that you ordered it from me! Our on-line price is only $32.95 per quart and it goes a long long way. Our colors are much truer to their names. Blue is blue, yellow is yellow, etc. It is an artists paint but so DIY friendly. This is your safest option for use around your daughter, no latex, no voc's. You don't need to sand to distress, just use a wet cloth. Thank you again. Let me know if you have questions! See you on FB.

05/06/2012 12:43

Hey Donna! Glad you posted this about CeCe! I had no idea about the water on a cloth for distressing? Ill be sending questions your way! Thanks!

jennifer snider
05/24/2012 20:28

I NEED THIS PAINT... The robin's egg blue for my furniture... So if you could just overnight that with the mirror that would be great.

05/24/2012 23:13

I made the color custom :) I think Im going to need to get more paint! :)

Jennifer Snider
05/25/2012 11:14

RIGHT,,, so since you made it and it is one of a kind I can not buy it at home Depot.. Therefor I need you to send it to me. Or come and visit and make some while your here

05/26/2012 06:46

Found you on Facebook. Enjoying you blog on the chalk paint, I have also made my own with the non-sanded grout. Try mixing the grout in the water first and mix until smooth then add the paint. This will make a smoother paint, no lumps. Blessings, Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures http://audreyzumwalt.blogspot.com/

06/21/2012 19:56

Thank you Audrey! I've been doing that...I should add it to the directions ... I use an old blender and I get zero lumps at all! Love it! Glad to have your blog link too! :) Blessings!

delores g bembry
06/29/2012 20:22

I pay only 34.95 per quart and 24.95 per wax can. Why so much for your ASCP? I buy from someone that does same day shipping if order is in before 3pm. No shipping on Sunday's or Monday's because they are closed. A flat rate of 10.00. on all shipping.

07/01/2012 10:01

I am not sure what you are asking :) I do not sell ASCP, but that was the cost from the place I purchased it from :) You are more than welcome to leave the link here of where you purchase yours :) I am happy to have it shared with others. However 3 Oaks Studio was inline with other places I found and they shipped quickly :) and the shipping was reasonable :) However any saving that can be passed on to us is appreciated!

07/06/2012 19:41

I've just found your blog and I am thrilled to find an even-handed review of ASCP. I'm an experienced furniture restorer and used the AS graphite paint and both the clear and dark waxes on an antique desk. Frankly, I was underwhelmed. I had been advised that I would recover the higher paint cost by reducing my labor. Not so. I found the dark glaze to be a huge pain to work with. Other brands are much easier. No prep was nice, but after two months, the finish is still not resistant to fingerprints and other normal contact. (After 3 coats of clear wax -- yawn...) A biggie for me: I had read repeatedly that the glaze had low or "no noticeable" odor. Totally false. I'm preparing myself for the snarky comments that inevitably follow any whisper of negativity about ASCP.

07/10/2012 09:36

NO snarky comments here :) I love the clear wax for projects that do not have "high traffic" I did not care for it say on my dining table. I also was not crazy about the dark wax as I thought it just looked dirty... but that is just my personal preference. I like the paint... but really found home made just as good for the purposes I use it for :) I know there are those who just love it and I think that is FABULOUS... you should use what you love and what you believe in :) No matter what finish I use... I want to love the process and the outcome! Thank you for your input :)

07/21/2012 20:09

Homemade Chalk Paint question.How do you make Chalk Paint at home? I'd really like to know.thanks ,Susan

Irma Green
07/23/2012 09:30

I have both ASCP and Cece Caldwell. Cece Caldwelll goes on much better and their wax is amazing. I agree with one of the comments above regarding CeCe colors. They are more true to color. I like both chalk paints and don't have the patience to make my own. Between ASCP and Cece Caldwell....I would pick Cece Caldwell.

09/12/2012 20:51

I am so glad you let us know what your preference is! I love hearing what others think!

07/25/2012 22:58

unbiased opinion is just what I was looking for. I'm jumping into the painted distressed furniture design with a set of4 chairs I picked up at a tag sale for $2 each. after applying the diy chalk paint, did you use a wax after painting? if so what did you use? thank you for doing a comparison of ASCP & CeeCee's the

09/12/2012 20:52

I used ASCP wax and I love it! I think it is worth the money! :)

09/17/2012 14:08

I'm so glad I stumbled onto this today as I"m in the middle of a chalk paint project right now. I'm making a dog bed from an old coffee table and mixed some Ooops paint from Menards ($1 quart) with some plaster of paris. It went on nice and feels soft after waxing, tonight is distressing and waxing...I'd love to try to dark wax (or is it really a glaze?) but can't find any info on just that...I do have some plain Johnson's wax to use though.

12/28/2012 18:57

I have tried the clear and dark Annie Sloan wax! the trick with the dark wax is not to use it too heavily and too wax with the clear first... otherwise it looks dirty in my opinion :) I have made my own glaze too... but I like mine to look cleaner so the glazes and waxes are not my fav :) Thanks for commenting Nadine!

11/04/2013 19:39

Mix your AS dark wax with mineral spirits... It will go on much easier.

01/31/2013 21:57

Did you notice a huge difference between your DIY chalk paint and the Annie Sloan brand? I really need to paint some ugly accent tables but they are hardly worth the effort let alone expensive paint!!
Thanks :)

02/01/2013 06:36

If it is an expensive piece of furniture I would use either Annie Sloan or Cc Caldwells over homemade... Over time I am notifying the AS ages nicer... Thou I still love my homemade pieces too :)


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