Years ago I was given this clock....and though it doesn't really match my space...I loved the chimes it made and am not one to really get rid of gifts I am given. I decided with all this painting I have done try my hand at making this clock fit into my space better!
First, I took the clock completely apart, which was quite the chore. I didn't want paint anywhere it should not be!  Next I sanded every inch of the thing with a fine grit sandpaper! This took the good part of an evening.I also carefully removed the gold lettering on the glass with a razor blade...very carefully!!!

 I then gave it a good wipe down to remove any dust. I then applied a coat of semi gloss antique white paint and let it dry. Then added a second coat. I let this sit over night before putting the clock back together. I am still not sure how I ended up with 5 left over screw (shhh dont tell the cowboy) Once it was firmly back together I took my fine grit sand paper to the edges to distress it. 

Once it was sanded to my liking I then mixed a glaze with a dark brown (almost black)  paint. I only added a small amount of the brown. I then painted it on with a brush and wiped it down with a soft cloth really wanting to leave more of the color in the grooves and cracks. 

After 72 hours I then coated all the painted parts with a clear wax and buffed it! I much prefer the after clock than the about you!? 
Again, I am not happy with my camera but I am always too excited to wait to get my new one to post pics!  This project was a bit time consuming with all the parts I had to take apart and put back together but I am happy I did it!



Julie Kelly
02/19/2012 16:48

I love it! I have one almost just like it.... I may have to try it!(:

02/19/2012 17:13

Thank you! I really love how it turned out and it looks so good hanging up now~


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