Dusty Beginnings!
When I first started this project I could really see this table in blue. However, I was so worried I would not find a place in our new home (which I have no idea where it will be nor what it will look like) that I went with off white. I always go for safe and then I hate it. I posted on my facebook page and received lots of encouragement to go for the turquoise instead! Little did I know the havoc that would cause. It ended up being a bigger problem strippinf off the white than i had anticipated but after several attempts and some elbow grease I succeeded!
After the first coat of white
I hope you enjoy the finished product as much as I do and it will inspire you to come up with something lovely for your own home! Happy Painting!
Here are a few close up pictures so you can see the distressing and some of the glaze work on this piece. I know...there are those of you who don't get it and wonder why I would paint and then turn around and sand it off...I just like the old vintage look :) and trust me...this kind of "finish" works hello well with 7 kids! 
legs up close
You can see the light distressing on front edge here
I really like how it looks very old and worn. Just what I was shooting for!
Look at that gorgeous blue!
Note: I still must add a coat of clear wax in 72 hours... but I don't imagine it will change the look all that much and I couldn't wait to share!
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I have had this thing laying around for years! Love it but it just really never  said AHA!  So, I decided to give it a little splash of color! Tell me what you think?
After Photos :) I am loving this blue!
It took very little paint and work to fix this cage stand up and have her whistling a different tune! I used a semi gloss latex paint. I dry brushed the paint on a little at a time so tiny bits of the black still show through. That's all! Really simple!
Years ago I was given this clock....and though it doesn't really match my space...I loved the chimes it made and am not one to really get rid of gifts I am given. I decided with all this painting I have done lately...to try my hand at making this clock fit into my space better!
First, I took the clock completely apart, which was quite the chore. I didn't want paint anywhere it should not be!  Next I sanded every inch of the thing with a fine grit sandpaper! This took the good part of an evening.I also carefully removed the gold lettering on the glass with a razor blade...very carefully!!!

 I then gave it a good wipe down to remove any dust. I then applied a coat of semi gloss antique white paint and let it dry. Then added a second coat. I let this sit over night before putting the clock back together. I am still not sure how I ended up with 5 left over screw (shhh dont tell the cowboy) Once it was firmly back together I took my fine grit sand paper to the edges to distress it. 

Once it was sanded to my liking I then mixed a glaze with a dark brown (almost black)  paint. I only added a small amount of the brown. I then painted it on with a brush and wiped it down with a soft cloth really wanting to leave more of the color in the grooves and cracks. 

After 72 hours I then coated all the painted parts with a clear wax and buffed it! I much prefer the after clock than the original...how about you!? 
Again, I am not happy with my camera but I am always too excited to wait to get my new one to post pics!  This project was a bit time consuming with all the parts I had to take apart and put back together but I am happy I did it!

This was a major undertaking and had I known how many coats of paint were really under "there" I would not have ever started this project. However, I am quite pleased with the and cannot wait for the boys to get home so I can move it to my bedroom! I bought this dresser at a yard sale a couple of years back and only paid $10. I am not sure if I want to admit how much it cost to redo it ;) 

Weird stuff I could not sand or strip through!
I completely stripped and sanded it using an orange paint stripper from Lowe's. It ended up taking the entire bottle which was quite an expense. When I started working on the drawer fronts I realized their was something unrecognizable under layers of paint, and no amount of paint remover or sanding was ever going to get through it...so I had to quickly come up with a plan B.

 I have been wanting to decopage  music sheets onto something, as I am a singer and songwriter.I decided no time like the present to learn how to age them and decopage them to the front of the drawers! I just printed the music off onto ivory paper and dipped it in very strong coffee. I then carefully rung out the coffee and placed the sheets on a cookie sheet in my oven at it's lowest setting (170). Once they were dry I measured the drawers and cut the paper to fit. I then set them aside to prepare the main body of the dresser

You can see where I painted the citristrip on...Please follow manufacturers instructions and take safety precautions such as good ventilation, safety goggles, gloves and protective covering.
Once I had removed everything which I was able to with the Citristrip and sanding, I stained the top with a mixture of 1 part Jacobean miniwax stain to 2 parts pecan. I let it as per manufacturers instructions, lightly sanded and applied another coat. Once the stain had cured for 72 hours, I painted a coat of peacock blue. I let this dry for 24 hours. Then I took my pour sander with a light grit paper and sanded it until I was satisfied with the results. I wiped off all of the dust and let it sit 72 more hours before adding a coat of furniture wax following the manufacturers directions. 
View of the distressed top :)
My next step was to carefully paint the rest of the dresser, including the drawers a soft classic ivory. After 24 hours I distressed the dresser with fine grit sand paper. I then added a coat of glaze mixed with a small amount of pecan brown to age the dresser even more. In 72 hours, I will add a coat of wax. 
It was then time to add the aged sheet music to the drawers. I thinned my decopage down so it was easy to work with. You dont want it too thick or too thin! I then placed the sheets where I wanted and decopaged the backs and smoothed them onto the drawers fronts. I then added a layer of decopage over the whole drawer front. ( I used a matte finish decopage)
My final step was to measure the center of each drawer and carefully drill a hole for the knobs. I went with a silver to match the lamp I plan to use. I am very pleased with the results but wish my pictures were not so dark on here as they dont do it justice!
Upclose of the lamp
Sorry the lighting is so poor...Ill update this when I get my better camera back! :)
A picture of my sweetheart :)
In place in my bedroom
Tip Junkie handmade projects
I don't know about you but in my house...lamp shades tend to take a beating. For the life of me I cannot figure it out! I have the cutest little lamp with the most pathetic looking shade and with saving up for a move, I cannot justify even looking at lamp shades...lol! So, when I saw an idea over at one of my very favorite FB pages (The Dumpster Divas) and I had to try it. The fabric cost me $2.99 which was way cheaper than purchasing something new. I am very pleased with the outcome and the project was very very easy! 

You will need an old lamp shade (Make sure it is free standing )

Your choice of fabric ( I used a cream colored burlap but ticking is nice too) It took a tad bit less than a yard for this lamp. 

Fabric Scissors

Cut the fabric into strips about 1.5 inches wide. Make sure the strips are long enough to loop across the lamp from top to bottom and easily tied into a knot. You can cut off and fringe the excess. Make sure when you are knotting the fabric to keep each strip taught and to loop around the back piece of fabric so the bottom edge forms a V. Barely overlap at the top. Work your way around the lamp until you have completed your project! Super easy! 
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I was remiss in getting before pictures....it was your basic brown chair. I bought this one at an auction for a dollar! I used paint and stain I already had left over from another project :) This chair was done before I discovered chalk paint... I would only create a custom chalk paint to do this now instead of using latex semi gloss!

 If my directions are confusing...there are tons of links on you tube on how to distress. I just played around with different furniture pieces until I found out which look I like the best :) Have fun!

Blue paint of your choice ( I used a latex semi gloss)
Pecan stain
paint brush
foam paint brush
rags or paper towels
150 and 60 grit sand paper
hand held sander
furniture wax

1. I used the 60 grit sand paper to remove the top layer of varnish off the chair. It was really time consuming but since it is winter I did not want to break out the liquid stripper and stink up the house. Wipe off the dust. 
2. Paint the entire chair the desired blue working with the grain of the wood :) 
3. Let it dry for 24 hours ( I mean it...lol)
4. Use hand sander and 150 grit paper to sand of the paint in strategic areas. Wipe chair down. 
5. With the sponge brush apply a layer of 1/2 stain and 1/2 glaze mixture over the entire chair. Let it sit a few minutes. (It is a chore getting it to mix but once it does it is easy to work with. 
6. With a soft cloth wipe off excess stain mix... I liked it heavier around the distressed areas.
7. Let sit 72 hours :) Then apply a wax to the chair following manufacturers directions and safety directions. Then buff it with a soft cloth. VIOLA!

Below is the picture of the chair in her new home.. my daughter's bathroom. We named her Lucy... don't ask me why we named a chair! It just seemed the right thing to do at the time :)