I got this idea from my friend Lisa who had something similar on her Pinterest! I loved it and need to find a place to put it but couldn't wait to get a picture of it up!

I used an old canvas we had laying around here...I pick them up a garage sales all the time, and was really pleased to have a use for it! We have a wonderful local store called the Mangy Moose. They carry just about everything...including crafting and scrapbook supplies. I was looking for wooded letters, but they only had really thick cardboard so I thought Id give it a try. 

First I sorted through the letters and layed out what I wanted it to say. Then with a yard stick I drew lines across the canvas with a pencil in order to make sure my finished product would be even! I placed the letters in the correct order and spacing. When I was satisfied with the placement I glued them with Modge Podge onto the canvas. I then spray painted it a pretty cream. I don't think I need a second coat! 

All in all this was under $10 and will be a simple addition to my bedroom!
Here you can see the lines and the placement of the letter pre- paint as well as what kind of spray paint was use! I'll be making my daughter a similar item this week and Ill post more pictures! 
Before Photos of the old fruit box
I wanted a place in my bathroom to feature my collection of seashells which was out of the way and would have the feel of cottages on the Carolina Coast I used spend time at as a kid. Again, using an old item I already have is my favorite way to go. I love taking long bubble baths in candle light in a room that reminds me of my southern homeland. It is beautiful and relaxing! A space every mom needs, right?
After Photos!
1/2 cup latex Ivory Paint 
1/2 cup of water
Old fruit box
Old wash cloth
Newspaper to protect work surface

Prepare work surface with news paper or drop cloth
Mix paint and water to create white wash. 
Dip  folded edge of wash cloth into the paint
sponge paint on all surfaces of the box rubbing with the grain allowing it to soak in...repeat until you have the desired amount of wash...I did this one very lightly. 

Let dry and hang in a favorite spot...direct as you desire :)
You can add a little charm to any old piece of furniture. This was another gift I would have most likely thrown out...very reminiscent of the 70's in it's original state. I broke every rule one is supposed to follow when distressing furniture. I did not sand it completely down, nor strip it, nor re-stain it. I was in a hurry and just wanted it finished before we had company over one weekend. Sometimes the best results are when we are under a deadline. 

1. I lightly sanded the cabinet down so I could be hopeful the paint I applied would stick to the cabinet. 
2. I chose a creamy white latex semi gloss paint. I painted two coats of paint. Note: I even painted the handles in place as well as the hinges. I wanted the feel of an old cabinet found in someone's shed :)
4. As soon as the paint was dry I took sandpapers and randomly removed paint in places until it looked really old and distressed. 

5. We then put on a clear coat to protect the cabinet and make it washable. 

Notice I painted right over hinge and hardware to achieve the look I wanted